Oliver's FROZEN birthday party

11:41 AM

This past weekend we hosted Oliver's 3rd birthday celebration in our backyard. We had about 50 guests and the theme (as chosen by Oliver months ago) was Disney's Frozen. Here's how we did it. 

Step one was decorations. I made this chalkboard sign while the kids played on the grass one day. 

This sign helped everyone know were to go. 

Just so they knew they were entering he frozen land of Arendelle a few snowflakes were hanging from the gate. 

Calvin found Frozen themed balloons at a local party store. 
And this banner. 

A place to put presents. (It says "Let it go: place your gift here").

The next step was: what to do? My friend Pastor Blair lent us this snow cone machine. We fed ice into the spout and fresh snow came out. We had 7 syrups and coloured spoon-straws. This led to numerous snowball fights, which we loved. 

A piñata full of candy proved to be a challenge for the kids until a big strong boy came up and wailed on it. (Pictured is a cute, little girl however). 
And this precious one. 
The pick up. 
Oliver showing off his loot. 
Dakota slept through all of it. 

Some very kind neighbours lent us their slip n slide which was very entertaining. 

And opening presents took about 2 hours. Thanks to all the helpers - you rock!

Lastly, food. We put out a layered nacho dip with tortilla chips, veggies with dip (baby carrots were labelled as Olaf's nose) and cold drinks. Then for lunch we served "we finish eachother's sandwiches" bar. Bread, crossaints, mayo, mustard, deli meats, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion and pickles. We also served quinoa salad, broccoli salad, potato salad and potato chips. Lastly a Corronation Day punch made of lemonade and blue-raspberry drink enhancer. Notice the wall of black and white photos. 
Frozen themed serveware. 
You can see the speakers in the background (playing the Frozen soundtrack) and ice skates which were part of my mom's beautiful display. 
And for dessert we put out watermelon. And...
Olaf cake pops. They were carrot cake mixed with cream cheese icing, rolled and dipped in which chocolate then decorated. We offered a chocolate variety also. 

The party was enjoyed by grown ups (in the shade)...
... And kids alike. 

It was an entertaining party. Oliver had a blast. 

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