A week of meals for a Muskoka cottage vacation

5:18 PM

We spent the past 9 days at our family cottage in the Muskokas. I have many requests from friends and readers (and reader-friends!) wanting to see photos of what my family eats. Well if you'd like to see a nutritionist slipping up at her best here it is! I documented six days in a row. They were supposed to be roughly themed around international cuisines. They had to be gluten-free-friendly and preschooler-friendly. 

First "German" day. We cooked up wheat-free breakfast sausages and made traditional (Mennonite) devilled eggs. Then we had my mom's famous baked potato soup for lunch. At dinner Cal bbqed farmers sausage and we served it with delicious "hash" and cabbage slaw. 

For "Greek" day we had a Greek yogurt bar with fruit and other toppings at breakfast. For lunch we had pita and hummus and a big Greek salad. We also cooked up some freshly caught perch. Lastly for dinner we had rice, more salad, and amazing chicken kabob with tzaziki. 

For "Asian" day breakfast was tricky so we just did make your own omelettes. We had fried rice for lunch by Angela and then pad Thai served with peanuts, green onion and hot sauce. 
"Italian" day started with pancetta egg cups. Then some pizza of course. For dinner we had an amazingly creamy pesto bacon dish and those eating gluten free had (rice) spaghetti and meatballs. 

"Canada" day quickly turned to pub favourites, starting with blueberry pancakes and Canadian bacon, lunch was poutine naturally, and ending with something new we tried: buffalo chicken- loaded potato casserole. And Calvin's special: bacon wrapped cream cheese jalapeños. 

Who could forget "Mexico" day: breakfast tacos, beef nachos (one of my worst photos for sure) and an incredible dinner of pulled pork enchiladas!

I do promise during this time I ate some fruit, cucumber and a whole jug of coconut water. But I also drank 4 cups of black coffee per day and had nightly ice cream like it was my job. 

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