Update: 6 months & THREE YEARS

8:18 AM

Size -- I pulled out some 9 month and 12 month clothes thinking "this'll fit in a little while" ... Nope! Now! Every mom says their child is growing like a weed but I'm serious. She's huge. 

Food -- phew, to list what she's had in these like two weeks of trying solids ... Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, pear, apple, watermelon, cucumber, potato, broccoli, and eggs. She eats like a monster. 

Activities -- let's be honest she still spends most of her time blanket- hanging (like with Grey below) or in the moby wrap. She plays with some toys and eats and has been swimming. 

Likes -- swapping seats in the stroller with big brother. Now that she can confidently sit up she's welcome in the front seat of our Valco. 

Dislikes -- fat shaming. 

Size -- big enough to wanna do everything "mine-self" small enough to ask to be held. A Mommy's dream :( He was 26 lbs when we went to his pediatricians for strep throat which is tiny but he's always been low on the percentile for age. His height is top of the charts though. Size 3T and 10 shoes. 
Food -- here's a packed lunch of salmon on whole grain, mixed berries and cucumber. We have been eating from the garden a lot lately. 

Activities -- swimming and shooting water guns make top of the list. 
My mom, sisters and I took the kids to Kusterman's berry farm west of the city. Oliver rode a huge horse but his favourite part was the go-kart track. 

Likes -- one morning this month he told me his cell phone (an old LG flip) needed a new battery and that he'd pay with his own money (displaying a wad of Canadian Tire cash he'd collected) so I got him and Koko in the wagon and we walked to the ol' CT. Sadly they don't sell vintage cell batteries (?!!!??) but he found a chocolate bar to drop a dollar on, and he was able to show me a thousand expensive things he wants for his birthday. Including this baseball kit. 
His very favourite things ever (if you're looking to buy him a birthday gift) are: baseball, Special Agent Oso, hockey, kidscape playground, cars, motorcycles, puzzles, bath toys but mostly water guns, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, goldfish crackers, cherry tomatoes, chocolate, makeup and nail polish, trains including Thomas, birds, fish, bears, turtles, pretending to cook, actually cooking, knife skills, taking photos, the forest. 

Dislikes -- strep throat kicked his buuuuuutt. It was the worst. He was cap-locks MISERABLE for over a week. Here he is drinking a mix of echinacea, raw honey and garlic with warm water and apple cider vinegar. 
The pic below is from a super fun birthday party we attended but it proved he dislikes focusing on something for more than six seconds. Can't believe my camera could take this photo of him in a beard fast enough. The stereotype is true: all the girls did amazing and the boys just went crazy. 

A great time for us - Oliver celebrates 3 times around the sun and Kota has her first ever half birthday. 

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