My food sensitivities

10:12 AM

It has been almost five years now since I discovered my food sensitivities. It doesn't seem that long ago but I'm positive my appointment was before I became pregnant with Oliver (November 2010) and it's midway through 2014 now so... Wow, time. 

The backstory: I would never have expected to have food sensitivities. I'm that girl who everything goes biologically right for - I don't sun burn easily, my hair grows quickly, I can use any soap without a reaction, never dealt with bad ache, I've just drawn all the good cards in life from a genetics standpoint. I even dodged the bullet of gluten intolerance/ Celiac disease (as I've mentioned before I'm the only person in my family who doesn't have it). Then one day I was introduced to someone who called themselves a holistic allergist and I was very intrigued. 

Without letting on too much (I wanted to see if the testing was legit) I told her that I sometimes feel a tightness in my throat after eating and am thinking it could be from a food trigger. She suggested we test for a number of things. 

The test came out with 4 sensitivities. 

Soy. This didn't surprise me. After a brief stint in veganism (brief) and a major, but ultimately wrong, belief that soy is amazing for you and that you should consume as much as possible, I likely over-did it and became intolerant to it. I had been drinking soy lattes a lot. After my treatment I drank another to see what would happen and I felt perfect. 

Sugar. In fact, my test for sugar intolerance was through the roof. I ultimately didn't get treated for it - my idea was that I would just try to avoid white sugar for the rest of my life, ha ha - but now I know. 

Peppermint. Another duh moment. I have overdone mint on many occasions. It's one of my favourite teas and my second favourite flavour for things like baking (first is lemon, third is coconut). After treatment I no longer react to it. 

Cardamom. This was the kicker and made me ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SOLD AND IN LOVE WITH HER PRACTICE. I had been drinking chai pretty regularly for years but was baffled by the fact that sometimes it would make my throat nearly close from the allergic reaction (or whatever was happening) and other times I would be fine. When she read out my test result that cardamom was severely affecting me I realized -- that's the ticket! Going back to check the ingredients of various tea bags it was bang on. That was the spice my body was rejecting. She cleared me of this trigger also and I've been symptom free ever since. 

Everyone reacts differently (mine was throat tightness, yours could be migraines, bloating, itching skin) and everyone has different triggers (interesting that mine were almost exclusively from hot beverages but I see now that where I vary my foods a lot, I tend to drink the same thing over and over every morning and that constant exposure can very often lead to sensitivity). 

If you think you are in the same boat you will feel so much relief from being tested and treated. I can't promote Alla's business enough. For under $100 you can enjoy anything you want without the aftermath of food reactions. It's jaw dropping and it only takes 1 hour. 

Send me an email if you want to hear more about my experience or email for an appointment now. 

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  1. This sounds really interesting! Are you saying Alla just made you aware of your allergies, or she actually helped cure you of some of them?

  2. "Cure" is too scary of a word to use medically/legally but alleviate the way they trigger symptoms in my body - yep! 100%!


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