Best Foodie Instagrams

5:25 PM

@thatspaleo -- if you're looking for some inspiration on your newly grain free diet, you'll get all the protein you need on this feed

Lots of: eggs, coconut oil, almond meal

@davidchang -- a cool look into the life of a chef, he owns the famous Momofuku group of restaurants (including Milkbar in Toronto) and wrote one of the most intelligent and interesting food books out there
Lots of: noodles, radishes, cereal milk

@tracyshutterbean -- I can't get over her unique (and informative) photography style, especially her "prep for the week" photos 
Lots of: tacos, sriracha, ice cream 

@run_wilde -- no one has ever made healthy, simple food look this great
Lots of: fruit, oatmeal, chia

@blisssedout -- also a killer photographer 
Lots of: herbs, avocado, flowers 

@weelicious -- this is the type of lunch I want to pack my children, from a very talented Food Network star who may just slip some red carpet shots in (care of her Hollywood husband)
Lots of: heirloom raspberries, hormone free cured meats, cute mini sandwiches 

@mynewroots -- the most gorgeous chef of life, living in Copenhagen, happens to make healthy, gorgeous, mostly vegan food and has a degree in holistic nutrition 
Lots of: rice bowls, berries, raw dessert

@heidijswanson -- I don't know what is more beautiful: her recipes, her photography props, or her travel-happy life. She is the blogger behind 101cookbooks which I've made more recipes from than anywhere else on the internet (and they're always bang on)
Lots of: maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, squash 

@thesmitten -- this just makes me hungry
Lots of: cake, pasta, restaurant meals 

@ohladycakes -- more swearing that you're used to from an adorable, vegan food blogger 
Lots of: caramel, coconut cream, almond milk

@minimalistbaker -- a husband and wife collab that have lovely, and skillfully described, food as well as awesome tips for food bloggers 
Lots of: chickpeas, peanut butter, chocolate 

@simplegreensmoothies -- great daily inspiration for your healthful liquid breakfast: all colours welcome!
Lots of: kale, banana, pineapple

@joythebaker -- not anyone in history has come across Joy and not fallen in love, a person you'd like to be friends with but will settle for following on Instagram 
Lots of: doughnuts, bourbon, shrimp

@sproutedkitchen -- I was already in love before they went and had an adorable newborn baby
Lots of: waffles, sprouts (naturally!), salad

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