A day in the life - 3 yr old + 6 month old

8:17 AM

I see a lot of "routine" blog posts going around. I've been guilty of them myself. Some days it really does go according to plan. If you're a super on-it mom or have kids who fall in line pretty easily, maybe almost every day goes according to plan. But you know what the usual is for most of us? Utter chaos. In fact, chaos has become our routine. So here goes, a typical day for a free flowing mama, her high energy 3 year old son and always-hungry 6 month old daughter. 

5:00am: wake up, nurse. Re-locate soother. Check if that wet spot is leaked milk or leaked pee. Just teething drool? Perfect, back to sleep. 
5:40am: wake up, nurse. While looking at the clock on iphone get tempted to check the day's weather forecast then twitter. Lasts for 15 minutes. 
6:30am: wake up, nurse. Force myself to stay awake long enough for her to have a nice, long feed so she'll let me sleep for awhile longer. 
7:59am: woken up to Oliver's face 1 inch from my face yelling: "I'm hungry! I'm thirsty! I need to pee!" Attempt to keep Dakota sleeping so I can tend to these needs with all my attention. Fail. 
Carry Dakota into the bathroom while Oliver whines "no, carry me". Lay her on a towel while Ollie uses the toilet and I put in my contacts. Look downstairs to see that Calvin has already left for work. Bring both kids in Dakotas room with all of our outfits for the day and begin changing all 3 of us out of pjs into day clothes. Confirm which pjs have pee or other fluids on them and need washing. Realize the laundry bin is full- put on mental to do list. 
8:30am: place Dakota is bouncy chair and Ollie on couch and turn on Disney Jr on tv. Unload dishwasher while making coffee and breakfast. Breakfast includes: what Oliver orders, his water, my eggs and fruit, my coffee and water, Dakota's eggs and/or fruit, what Oliver realizes he actually wants instead of the first thing he asked for. 
Place Ollie's food down (80% will be eaten, 10% will fall on the floor/the clothes he just changed into/his face, 10% will be wasted or I'll eat it).  Feed Dakota. Realize my food and coffee are cold. Agree to take Oliver to the park. 
10:00-11:40am: walk to park, regret not wearing sunglasses (it isn't sunny I just don't have eye makeup on yet), mentally record at least one cute or hilarious thing Oliver says to tell Cal later. Spend more time talking to birds, collecting stones and attempting to go barefoot than actually using the playground. Allow Oliver to pee in grass when no one is looking. Pull Dakota's hat or hair band off her eyes at least 10 times. Check facebook on my phone when I should be watching Ollie go down the slide. Then race home at the speed of light because Dakota is hungry. 
11:40-12:00noon: make lunch, convince Oliver not to escape out the back door (regret being excited that he learned how to unlock and open the back door so early), decide whether to take an Instagram photo of our lunch based on how cute and healthy it is. 
Noon: eat lunch while nursing, dropping food on Dakota's head at least twice. Remember I haven't peed today. Or brushed my hair. Or started that laundry. 
12:30-4:00pm: daily war to get Oliver down for his nap. This period of time includes begging, pleading, risk & reward, a phone call to Calvin saying "why doesn't he listen to me?", Dakota consuming 6 litres of breast milk, a load of laundry washed and dried then dumped on the floor but not folded (or folded then run through by hyper feet, either one), a second cup of coffee, bribery in the form of Netflix and chocolate (sometimes for him, sometimes for me), a stroller ride for the purpose of sleep, a head massage for the purpose of sleep, at least 2 accidental injuries and 1 accidental accident in the form of pee...
4:00pm: Oliver falls asleep. Dakota falls asleep. I collapse on the couch and instead of sleeping (or cleaning?) begin reading Reddit or Tumblr.
4:14pm: a courier/Jehovah's Witness/water heater salesperson/girl guide rings the doorbell. Everyone's awake. 
4:15pm: Calvin arrives home to an uncleaned house full of crazy people and nothing started for dinner. He walks Oliver upstairs and says: "can you have a rest for daddy Hun?" And Oliver falls asleep instantly. He cuddles Dakota while I make dinner.
4:15-10:15pm: an unintelligible mix of eating, drinking, sleeping, waking, bodily fluids, sometimes baseball games, sometimes band practice, sometimes outdoor festivals or overpriced frozen yogurt or Bon fires. 
10:15pm: I nurse Dakota to sleep (she's likely been already sleeping since 8; by"to sleep" I mean myself.)
10:45pm: Oliver falls alseep on Cal's shoulder.
11:45pm: Cal gets everyone in their proper beds and crashes himself. 


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