Update: 5 months & 35 months

5:25 AM


Size-- 13 lbs and 26 inches at last appointment - how how how can a little girl be average weight for her age but in the 97th percentile for length, and still look this chubby?! I love her. (Hashtag HonestCoDiapers)

Food-- according to this book I'm supposed to do grains first (ugh, this goes against all my former hippie knowledge - why Alicia why?) 
Kota has also been getting a little organic coconut oil just because it's this perfect food that I want to share with her. I may or may not have let her lick some organic banana and avocado off my finger too :) okay okay, she ate 1/3 cup of puréed strawberries yesterday afternoon!

Activities-- kissing kissing and only kissing. It takes up my whole day. 
She really likes playing with her toys now. And being tickled by Daddy or Ollie. And chewing on stuff. 

Favs-- can I just not even feel bad about my obsession with cute diapers?! Come on, I'm sure they are her fav...

Least favs--
Her least fav is like littering & not recycling and stuff... (See shirt) no really she only hates her car seat. 


Size-- Oliver wears anything from 18months to 4T. Because of this his clothes get pretty chaotic. Recently I organized his shorts. 

Food-- well, he made up some lie that he doesn't like blueberries or green peas anymore (balony!) but he eats everything else and has been particularly hungry ("sooo honnn-gee") for about a week. Like, eating an adult portion of food every hour.
Here's a grilled cheese he had at a local food truck. 
Here's his ultimate snack. He asks for "seeds and chocolates" 200 times a day. 
A frozen yogurt (actually sorbet) we shared. Apparently he liked daddy's cake batter & peanut butter cups better ??

Activities-- his usual like baseball, hockey and painting. And then this happened. 
Yes, Kota's toys. He also has done some trampoline jumping recently. And he's a great gardener. Still loves wagon rides. Still loves doing age inappropriate cooking tasks for me, like stirring a hot skillet of veggies. :D

Favs-- he really likes day trips to Great-Nanny's house in Goderich. He will swim for like 4 hours other than eating lunch. 

Least favs-- Waking up in Ikea and finding out we aren't buying any toys??!!!

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