Sweet new mama blog: THREE LITTLE CROWNS

10:17 AM

Over three years ago when I was pregnant with Oliver I had this looming panic on my mind that I would be the only mother in our group of friends for a long time. Starting a family at age 23 isn't exactly the norm anymore so I frantically looked to my friends who were married, or at very least dating, to see if anyone would possibly share this mama-journey with me soon. 

Now I'm happy to say I can't count the number of young mom friends I have using all my fingers and toes. 

Two of those ladies who have enriched my life have a new project that launches today and you're going to love it. Brittanie & Natalie, while infinitely more fashionable than me, have been sweet friends to me for many years. Three Little Crowns will surely give awesome advice on everything from parenting to cosmetics and so much more. 


Right now they are doing an exciting giveaway so head to their Instagram account @threelittlecrowns and find out more!

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  1. Amy we love you!!! thank you so much for this! You are an inspiration to US!!! hugs girl!!! xo


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