Oliver on the move

5:03 PM

It goes without saying that Oliver is universally loved & adored. I mean, just listen to him sing "I will follow you into the dark" (Death Cab for Cutie) with all his heart, and you'll fall in love. 

So there are times that he's literally more social than me. Starbucks dates, early morning trips to the farmers market, playground playin' ... It's not an uncommon text to get "Hey can I put his car seat in my car and take Ollie out?"

So here is what the popular young lad almost always brings when he goes out. It's so cute to see him stuff his jean pockets (or leather jacket, or a cloth bag) with all this stuff. 

1. Car keys to Lightening McQueen. They make an ignition noise and a car locking noise. 
2. Also on the key ring: a momento from Brazil, an all purpose flashlight (for when his ball goes under the couch, or when he wants to hide somewhere dark and scary), his tin wallet. 
3. A non-usable blackberry. A staff member at Loblaws gave it to him. It was an old floor model for showing people before they buy. 
4. A pack of Boogie Wipes in case of sudden cold or allergies?
5. Lip balm. In his words "ALL DAY."
6. Money - typically real Canadian dollars but lately some of this Canadian Tire money is vital too. When he's not going out it's stored in his piggy bank. 
7. Sunnies of course. 

What do your kids bring out with them?

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