How to pack for a sunny day

6:52 AM

Well thank the heavens we have been graced with some pretty gorgeous weather here in southern Ontario. After an epic fail of a winter in which we essentially hibernated like bears, we have been itching to get outdoors. As in, some days we leave right after cleaning up breakfast and don't come back home til lunch. Then nap then out again til dinner. (And by some days I mean every day.)

Our favourite thing is to find a playground because it lets Oliver get his energy out, Dakota can kick around in the stroller or grass, and I enjoy my coffee and snap some photos of my monkeys at play. 

I am not an over-packer by any means. I've been known to show up to a 10 day vacation and then ask: did anyone bring shampoo I can use? Deoderant? Socks? So when we go to the playground, even if for hours, as long as I can nurse Dakota and change her diaper in the grass we need almost nothing. Here is what we have been bringing lately:

1. Sunscreen -- we use Green Beaver and Erba Baby. I technically could apply it before we leave and be done with it but keeping it in my purse helps for those times we randomly stay after church for a BBQ or go to my parents house and then decide to hike in the forest etc. 
2. House keys -- of course! We haven't had a break in at our current location (could this be due to Calvin's intimidating size?) but I'm not going to chance anything by leaving the door unlocked. 
3. Ollie's ball glove & ball. Vital. Like, if I have to choose between this and water, we are bringing the glove. He lives and breathes baseball right now. I bet he plays 4 hrs a day. MLB here he comes. 
4. Iphone -- just in case but also for those kodak moments. 
5. Sunglasses & hats for all -- my purse has become a sunglass museum. Open all week, free admission. 
6. A reusable water bottle -- ever heard of Murphy's Law? It states that every time I leave the house without a water bottle (grocery shopping, church, nature walk) Oliver will Immediately need a drink Now. 
7. A flower -- or something else to keep Oliver occupied in his darn stroller seat for more than 2 seconds while we get to where we are going. Bless her heart, Dakota hangs out no questions asked. 
8. Sanitizer -- because there's nothing grosser than sharing a piece of fruit after your son finds a homeless sock on the road. (Except maybe provincial politics.) We use an alcohol free spray that uses oil of oregano. Love it. 

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