Food trucks in London & a Goodah Gastro Truck review

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My grade nine English teacher encouraged our entire class to attend a rally one day. I can't remember what it was for or if I was passionate about the cause, but I remember it made me feel great to get political and join a community to stand for something. Since then there aren't a ton of issues that I get too fired up about but one is FOOD TRUCKS!

Why, why, why do almost all other major Canadian cities have a bustling food truck culture, while our municipal powers continue to tell us no? Why do the brick-and-mortar restaurants get to decide that these trucks would harm their sales and therefore that they aren't allowed to be around? WHY?!

Luckily, London does have an operating food truck called Goodah Gastro Truck that says parked at 199 Queens St (near Clarence) which is totally legal. I believe it is also available for catering and special events, they just aren't allowed to up and drive to wherever they want... yet.

Myself, Calvin, Ollie, Koko & my gluten-free mom buzzed over for lunch the other day and had an amazing lunch.

The truck has a standing menu of delectable grilled cheese sandwiches as well as tomato & dill soup, apple slaw, brownies and drinks. Then they have a daily special that is sure to make your mouth water. (Check their Facebook for the specials.)

I ordered the Amour. It came with a side of soup which was packed with fresh dill flavour and that perfect tomato texture that lets you know the soup is made with fresh ingredients. A perfect pickle came with it as well. Then the sandwich... The outside of the bread was grilled perfection - hot, golden and buttery. Inside was ooey-gooey brie cheese - more than my $8's worth I'll say that. The creaminess of the cheese was perfectly balanced by fresh spinach, and a sweet raspberry-pepper jelly that offered perfect tang (as soon as it wasn't the temperature of pure, molten lava!) 


Calvin decided to try the daily special which was a Club - Roasted Turkey, Smoked Bacon, Tomato, Baby Spinach, Pesto Mayo, smothered with Cheddar and Jack then grilled between fresh Sourdough... Unreal!

He also had a side of the slaw and it was to die for! Super creamy and packed with tart apples. I wish I had snapped a photo before he devoured it.

The staff are warm and friendly - in fact, they made my mom up a special platter because she can't eat their bread (due to a gluten intolerance). If you happen to be gluten-free also, swing by and ask for Rose's GF Platter. It contained: fresh tomato, spinach, grilled veggies, turkey, a pickle, a side of slaw, balsamic drizzle, and 4 generous pieces of Brie cheese. She was in heaven. 

London's food culture NEEDS food trucks. Not only should you support the idea, and get on board for any online groups/campaigns/petitions that come up, but walk or drive out to GOODAH and buy a sandwich to support them today... you'll thank me later.

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