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10:12 AM

So there's this company out of the States that does "Man Crates" which are themed gifts that you can ship to someone in your life (I hesitate to say "man in your life" because you could totally send this to a woman if you'd like). They have themes like Bacon, Jerky, Beer, Football, BBQing, Hot Sauce, Camping, Golfing, Shaving, Zombies and so on. It's pretty awesome.

Right now they're challenging bloggers to post about their dads, because Fathers' Day is coming up. Specifically, BRAG about your dad, which for me is easy to do.

I'll cut myself off at ten, but I could write a million brags about my dad.

1. My dad works his butt off. Maybe I should be careful bragging about this because if he knows I'm proud of his work ethic he'll only work harder, and then when will we go out for frozen yogurt?!
2. My dad isn't afraid of anything. I can honestly say if we were swimming in the ocean and the lifeguard called out a shark sighting, my dad would swim towards it.
3. My dad rides a motorcycle faster that your dad. (Oh my gosh, everything I'm writing I'm going to regret "encouraging".) He's also ridden that crazy Death's Curve or whatever in the southern States.
4. My dad makes a mean fried rice. I crave it constantly. He just uses leftover white rice, with grapeseed oil, 1 chopped Spanish onion, an egg cracked in, and some salt. Then he tops it with cold, fresh spicy salsa. It's the very best.
5. My dad totally cries during movies. And watches Project Runway. And isn't afraid to admit it (most of the time.)
6. My dad is forgiving, loving, apologetic, kind-hearted and fiercely moral. If someone dropped a $20 on the sidewalk, he would go to the ends of the earth to return it to its owner. If he dinged someone's car with his door in a parking lot, he'll leave a note with his contact information to make it right. If a cashier gave him an extra ten cents change and he figured it out at home, I guarantee he'd drive back and explain.
7. My dad is approximately 17 years old at heart. As soon as he sees Oliver come over he's like "Dude, let's go get lost in the forest and throw rocks in the pond and catch bees in a mason jar!" Sometimes we don't see the two of them for hours.
8. My dad WILL wear paint-stained, ripped, 30-year old track pants in public, just to tick off my sister.
9. My dad was essentially the inspiration for Elliot's older brother in the movie ET. I've made up fact up but watch it and you'll see.
10. My dad eats a diet heavy in fruits and veggies, takes long walks daily and is actively trying to tackle stress. The guy's gunna live forever.

I can never brag enough about the privilege it is to be his daughter!

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