A new kind of gluten free bar

4:57 AM

Recently I had a chance to try SoLo Gi bars. I loved the flavours but I wanted to get the perspective of a real day-in-and-day-out gluten-freer.

Luckily I have an army of gluten free family members and was able to have my mom write up her own review. Here it is!

1. What do you look for in a gluten free bar?

I look for pure, natural and healthy ingredients. Texture and crunch is important as well.

2. What has your experience even with gluten free bars thus far?

For the most part, most gluten free bars taste more like saw dust or memory foam. Not very appetizing at all. Other than a no name brand that I stumbled upon, none have become my go to's.  And most are hardly affordable, as they are more in the $1.50- $2 each range.

3. What did you think of Solo Gi?
I tested the dark chocolate mandarin bar.
I am not usually a chocolate/citrus combo lover, but it worked. I loved the richness of the chocolate and the contrasting tartness of the mandarin. Texture was pretty typical for energy bars, which I am not a huge fan of. The bar served loads of energy as I was working long hours in a flower shop at Valentines Day.

4. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
Texture, still kinda sawdust like. Not sure if one can get away from that with the ingredient list.

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