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I am not afraid to admit that I follow MANY mommy blogs. A hefty portion of them are based on natural/organic living but some are just your standard "here's what we wore / here's her Easter basket" type thing. Those ones can cause a lot of comparison, judging and ultimately feelings of not being good enough. These moms look like they have it all together! Well one mom I've grown to love is Jessica from www.littlebabygarvin.com simply because she manages to be drop-dead gorgeous, hopelessly crafty & artistic but also shamelessly honest and witty. She will gladly tell you about her daughter using swear words and her penchant for day drinking. Recently she posted "28 things" for her 28th birthday and it made me want to post one of my own. 

Here you go!

1. I have hated soda since childhood. I sometimes have to call ahead to picnics, luncheons, etc and make sure they'll be providing non carbonated beverages. 
2. On the flip side, my love affair with coffee is intense. I have 7 methods of brewing in my kitchen at this moment (drip, French press, espresso machine, Moka pot, Turkish, this crazy contraption that I've never known the name of, and [lol] instant Via packs). I bought a Thai brewer also but gave it away to someone who thought it was amazing. I think coffee with cream or sugar isn't really coffee. 
3. My childhood home backed on to an environmentally protected area forest. I spent an unreal amount of time there, adult-free and barefoot. Years later I have developed an extreme phobia of squirrels. They seem unpredictable and likely deranged (like clowns). 
4. I think I cycled through best friends faster than is usual for a good number of years. From a hilarious horse rider with a pool to my former babysitter to punk rock boys (also with a pool! sorry not sorry) to a heavy metal chick, I hopped around a lot. 
5. My first flight was my honeymoon, which was a surprise destination for me. I found out at the ticketing gate that we were headed to the Mayan Riviera. I have never been to BC or Eastern Canada. 
6. I was the students council treasurer in grade 7 or 8. That was the last time I felt any sort of "school spirit". 
7. There was a time I was taking 7 University courses instead of the usual 5, and working 3 part time jobs. But hey: I'm debt free. 
8. I've never had a pet dog. This drives me crazy. What I have had are: birds, cats, rabbits and fish. I think my sister had a guinea pig. 
9. There was a point in my life that I had thick glasses (I'm a +8 which is reallllly strong), braces to correct a front tooth gap, severe asthma, and the highest marks in the class. So, a total catch. 
10. I cruise control at 119kmh. I don't park well. I truly believe that all luggage should be kept at the passengers feet rather than the trunk. I turn off my engine at train tracks and drive-through-pick-up-windows. 
11. I was a Starbucks barista for a long time and then our store closed down. The group of us had so much fun working there, I fear if it were still open I would be working there to this day. We had comics, novels, dress up dolls, and so much more. 
12. I can do things (like, all things) about 10x as fast as the general population. I wrote the Business-100 final exam in 45 minutes instead of 4 hours, with a good grade. I make dessert in less time than it takes the oven to preheat. This makes my life very frustrating. 
13. I have taken lessons in English (of course), French, German, Spanish, American Sign, Braille and several computer programming and web design languages. 
14. I begin eating within 10 minutes of waking up and never go more then 2 hrs without eating the whole day. Then around 6:30pm my hunger disappears and even if I'm awake past midnight I don't get hungry. I think I "pass out" instead of fall asleep, each night. 
15. I have written several hundred poems, a few books and a few songs. I am almost done writing my first cook book. 
16. I attended a Christian (possibly Mennonite) summer camp every year until about grade 7. On the bus home a boy who was generally regarded as cute/popular whispered to me "Be nice to me or I'll tell everyone your secret."  I have zero idea what he meant and didn't ask but it haunts me to this day. I never went back. 
17. I am fiercely against eating disorders, Monsanto company, excessive wealth/greed, and dishonesty. 
18. At restaurants I am most likely to order: the fish feature, vegetarian nachos,  a stirfry type thing, or something with goat cheese. 
19. My favourite gift ever was a Yixing clay tea pot from Calvin many years ago. 
20. I almost always finish texts with "hahahha hahahha" and mean it. 
21. I can't stay awake during a movie to save my life. 
22. I check for good tv shows on these channels in this order: Food network, Global, HGTV, City, TLC, the one that's always playing Cops-type shows. 
23. I'm having trouble giving up sugar, shampoo and sarcasm. 
24. My bucket list is not long but does include taking adult ballet. 
25. I found out how poor my vision was because I couldn't read the words to worship songs at church, in grade 3. 
26. If I won the lottery no one would ever know. Calvin is fully aware of this and it drives him crazy. 
27. I snagged both of my kids' names as email addresses when they were born so they'd be cool when they get to that age. Hate for some other Dakota Forrest to up and steal my Koko's rightful contact info!
28. When Cal texts me he never calls me Amy. Past favourites includes: love cat, soy duck, sugar dove and sweet leaf. 

If you're reading this and have a blog post your own!

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