Update on Oliver's journey with Becker's Nevus

10:54 AM

I suppose a quick recap is in order for those of you who are unfamiliar with Oliver's unique condition. 

At birth we noticed a large black birth mark on his leg spanning almost his whole thigh. A physician quickly came and diagnosed it as a beckers nevus - a form of birth mark that mostly affects men. 

She started seeing a specialist becaus we wanted to know what our options are. We were told we could give him a skin graft transplant surgery but the results wouldn't look great. We also try to make as many natural choices for him as possible and avoid medications/surgeries, etc. We decided we wouldn't write the idea off but we would discuss what HE wants, at age 5. 

Our concern has always been that other kids may not be kind to him about it. He is such a sweet kid but very sensitive (like his dad!) and it breaks my heart to think he could be bullied. I also don't want to constantly keep him covered and make him embarrassed of it. 

Meanwhile, working at a healthfood store I was introduced to a revolutionary (I try not to use this word often, but this instance merits it) skin ointment that uses the active/beneficial ingredient in broccoli (sulforophane) to repair abnormal DNA with an all natural cream. It's put out by the same Canadian company who have brought tea tree oil into so many of our homes. 

I saw this ointment (Broccofusion) cure skin conditions left and right, including skin tags falling right off, and birth marks disappearing. 

www.organicteatreeoil.com - read all about it. 

I used a few samples on his leg and IT WORKED. To appease the non-believers I chose one section of his leg to apply it so you could clearly see the results. 

See where it fades at the top?

I watched his dark black, thickly raised skin with hair, turn to a barely light brown shade on his leg, smooth and thin. Unreal. 

Recently I got up the courage to contact the company and tell them my encouraging story. I think more people who have a beckers nevus (or parents of children who do) need to know about this effective, natural treatment. And guess what? The head of the company replied and said he's so happy with Oliver's results that he wants everyone wither beckers nevus to know! He's offering a coupon code for 10% the ointment (or the lotion which is less potent but easier to apply) if you use the code: beckersnevus14 with your purchase. 

I encourage you to give it a try and then share your results with me! Birth marks can be embarrassing and they don't have to be!

Thank you for sharing the journey with us. 

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  1. So happy you have found something that works. <3

  2. Very interesting! I think I'll give this a try!

    It's a little costly but I have tried nearly everything for the becker's nevus on my chest (I'm male, age 24). Would love to chat with you on this topic and share any results I have!

    - Chris

    1. Awesome Chris! Keep me in the loop!

    2. My daughter has a becker's nevus too. Chris, did you buy the ointment? If so, did it work?

  3. Hello there!, greetings from Colombia.
    I'm interested to know how it is working out for Oliver's birthmark, did it fade?, is it liable to come back?, thanks a lot.

  4. I find it does seem darker when I forget to use it over a long period, maybe it's just my imagination. I also shave any hair off when I apply so it could be that when we take a week long break I start to see the dark hair returning.

    1. Ohh well, a bit discouraging for me :-(, I thought I had finally found something for curing this condition (that sucks!) it has just ruined my life in some ways so far. Currently I am using hydroquinone 10%, and it is fading them but not at a fast pace but actually very slow. I suspect this is a mutation in a gene call MTHFR and that is somehow related to the glutathione pathway process (By the way, I tried NAC, and when being on this one I could feel kind of a sensation in my birthmarks) but I haven't get tested yet since I am saving for other important issues at the moment. By the way it would be nice to know if oliver has been tested genetically or in some other ways, I am just curious about it, finally I would like to leave this link here so that you or anyone coming to this blog could see it (maybe you or the others don't know about it), it related to other kind of treatment. http://www.careplace.com/pages/conditions/beckers-nevus/discussions/effective-treatment-with-the-eryag-laser-a-potential-cure
      PS: I wish my parents were like you are with your son.

    2. Interesting I've always suspected that genetic mutation in Oliver but have not had him tested yet. There definitely could be a link!

    3. Amy, did part of the BN come off completely? It looks like that's the case from your picture. My daughter has it on her chest, and being 10 years old now, she's become a little self conscious.

  5. I wouldn't say "come off" but certainly "faded away" yes.

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  9. Could you also rub mashed cruciferous vegetables of the Becker Nevus?

    Brocolli sprouts are especially high in Sulforaphane according to wikipedia.

    I'm gonna try some plain organic cabbage first.


  10. Has this worked well for anyone else and does it treat the hyperpigmentation permanently

  11. Can we please have an update on the nevus of your child. I'm a 28 year old male who has beckers nevus in the chest area. I am desperate to find a remedy to get rid of this problem. Does the BroccoFusion work? I know you say his birthmark faded away initially, but did it ever return?



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