Update: 4 months & 34 months

6:00 PM


Size-- she is approximately 5 flower chains wide in the head. 
In all seriousness, her pediatrician said she's healthy enough to go without an appointment between her 2 month and 4 month checkup but to please get her weighed in between to make sure she's on track. So one day I just packed the kids up in their stroller and walked to a medical centre and said "hi - can I use you infant scale?" She was 12 lbs. (We go in tomorrow - will update.)

Food -- well it's more what's going out than what's going in, but she's been drooling a lot. In this photo it's likely out of utter happiness. 

Activities -- rolling around like a circus monkey; singing beautiful songs; and being one of thousands of attendants at a youth conference that daddy was helping run on the long weekend. In her sound blocking headphones. 

Favs-- eating her hands of course. 

And brother reading her a story in the wagon. 

Least favs -- wearing these sunglasses. More than anything in history. 

PS Mommy's fav? These leg rolls. 


Size -- his old jammies are almost a no go.  
Oh and this happened... His shoes, my shoes. 

Food, favs, least favs -- I think I need to skip these this month in favor of showing all his activities. (If you were wondering, food is still cherry tomatoes and always will be, fav is apparently grandma who he told us this week is his "special friend" and least fav is having a fever and coming inside when it rains.)

Activities --

(He rocked his first man-pony today but the photo is alllll mine.)



Age inappropriate Puzzles


(Singing while grandma plays piano - Jolene if you were wondering)

And this wonderland that they call a garden centre. 

It's been good guys. Tune in for 5 months/35 months (whhhhooooaaaaa.)

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