The best of natural tooth-care products

5:14 AM

Have you seen all the buzz online about natural-living bloggers learning how to heal cavities with clean food & some supplements (like fermented cod liver oil?) I think the evidence is clear: there are non-toxic ways to have great teeth! 

We have a number of natural products for our teeth that we love here at the Haus of Harrison. 

Top row: Xyliwhite mouthwash in Cinnafresh by Now 
Middle row: Weleda Calendula Toothpaste, Lavera kids' toothpaste in "berry" of some sort (fluoride-free), Lush's tooth tabs (in almost all the flavours), Radius organic biodegradable floss, Radius recycled materials toothbrush that desperately needs to be swapped for a new head (see below)
Bottom row: Hakeem Herbal toothpaste

Everything listed is just over the moon delicious - I get so excited to brush my teeth. It also doesn't contain those nasty artificial sugars that are supposed to make products taste good but not promote cavities. Surprise: many natural products like stevia and xylitol are sweet and don't promote cavities either. 

I love my toothbrush because the handle (which is the majority of the material) can be used indefinitely. I only replace the head. 

I also use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide from time to time. And I'm considering buying some activated charcoal for whitening -- have you used it successfully before?

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