Starting the garden 2014

12:38 PM

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Planting time!

With a son of limitless energy and a daughter who is all but crawling, starting seeds indoor (on my usual scale) was not happening. So I am doing garden center plants this year - save for a few I started from seed in the basement, a few that came back from last year naturally, and and few that I'll sow directly from seed. 

Here's what I've done so far:

1. Remove most weeds. Turn the soil. 
2. Lay out new soil (organic 3 in 1) and plants where they'll go.*
3. Spread soil. Plant! Water. 

Here's the before & after from planning to planted. 

* how I plan:
Tomatoes need a ton of space cause I cage them. 
I let squash & cucumbers climb my makeshift trellis. Beans can climb the fence. 
I plant an entire perimeter of hot peppers (12 plants) to keep animals from stealing. (If they ask I will let them!)
I plant all greens closest to the fence so they'll get some shade. Sunflowers there too so they'll be at the back and not shade anything from sheer height. 
Each plant gets it's own space except for greens which are an area, and carrots. 
Herbs are potted so I can bring them inside. Mint especially (it goes wild never leave it in the soil near other plants.)
My rhubarb & blackberries are where I can easily remove them if we move. 
Chives and kale just came up where they were last year.
I seperate cucumbers and zucchini because they look similar (ha ha). 
My potatoes and garlic are also potted because I started them earlier from kitchen scraps. 

I think that's it! Are you gardening this year?  

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  1. How big of a pot do you use for your potatoes?

  2. It's probably ... big enough to fit a watermelon? Ha ha. My best description. I will need to transplant in the coming weeks as they need quite a deep space.


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