A Mother's Day blessing

10:21 AM

The excitement of Mothers' Day is two-fold for me. Of course there's the opportunity to celebrate my own inspiring, selfless, creative mom and all of the other mom-like figures in my life (mother-in-law, late grandmas, grandmother-in-laws and step-grandma, female role models at church, and more). 

But there is also the chance to acknowledge the blessing of being a mom myself now (for almost 3 years!) 

Here are my prayers for my kids. 

Oliver, you've quickly become my sidekick and best friend. I think about you constantly and you have no idea how big and overwhelming my love is for you. You're the definition of intense and if you use that momentum right you will do amazing things. May you inspire others to do what's good and right, or walk alone when the rest go the wrong way. May you inherit your daddy's passion to protect those who are victims of injustice and feel the pain of others enough to do something about it. But may you also know that sometimes stillness and silence are the strongest choice. May you find a woman who loves you as much as i do. (Impossible!)

Dakota, today I dedicate you at church and I know the weight of that because I remember one Sunday the pastor was doing a dedication and said that his daughter was leaving him for Africa that day. That when you say "I promise to support you whatever way the pursuit of goodness takes you, and not treat you like a possession" that's a big deal. And for some reason I feel that harder with you, like someday you're going to travel, do something humanitarian, and I'll need to say bon voyage & be okay. I feel that spirit in you and you're only 3 months old. May you do something beautiful with your life that has nothing to do with your current address or my fears. And in the future may you get to enjoy the unreal blessing that it is to be a mom, which is to finally discover that the woman who raised you meets the daily maximums of love for another person and then exceeds them. 

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