3 months & 33 months update

5:58 AM


Size -- the Kota-bird has been getting big enough for lots of fun stuff like sitting in her Bumbo seat, and going for moby wrap rides around the neighbourhood. Maybe an exersaucer soon too - not sure. I don't know how much she weighs (no appointment lately). She wears 3 - 6 month clothes (and some 12 ha ha) including adorable diaper covers under her dresses. I think she had a growth spurt because on the 24th she nursed over 30 times in one day. 

Food -- there's a new special of the day on Dakota's menu: her tag blanket. It is a gift from Jim, Stacy and Zach our neighbour friends. Also, I've apparently been nursing her like 6 times per night but I didn't know because I sleep through it. 

Activities -- a mix of being held, and just playing while laying down on a blanket. She loves when we pretend to eat her. Here is her future babysitter, Michaela. 

Favs -- again, playing with Michaela. She loves her bouncer seat. She loves kicking and making us laugh. 

Least favs -- face scratches. We finally gave in and made her wear mitts until she could get her nails clipped (we both don't like to do it so we ask our parents). Oh and tummy gas which she is on probiotics for.  
Also, wearing a snow suit. Luckily the warm weather is here ... I think!


Size -- same but he just looks so huge when he wears track pants!

Food -- Oliver had a great ol' time with this giant bowl of caramel popcorn. 

Activities -- "do you wanna build a snowman?" Please tell me you've seen Frozen. Him and I are always bursting into songs from it. And his lifelong favourite: mixing baked goods with my beaters.  

Favs -- his favourite is Koko. Although he also told me that including daddy I have 3 kids. I said: "but daddy is ma's baby, he grew in her womb" and he said "no yours! And you give him na-na (milk)". Okay then Ollie!

Least favs -- his least fav is looking at me for a photo. We built this amazing store out of a cardboard box and it took like an hour to get a photo of him in it. I finally gave up and posted the best of the bunch. 

The theme of next month will be WAGON RIDES I am predicting! 

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