Six ways we ate kale this week

8:55 AM

If Saint Patrick's Day wasn't the only reason to eat green this week (seriously we overloaded on avocado, broccoli, Brussels sprouts... Even lime yogurt) we also bought a ton of kale. 

Because Calvin works during the day, and Dakota survives on breast milk for now, it's only Ollie and I eating lunch through the week so we don't really use that much up per meal. 

We were able to use this batch for six different recipes. Here they are:

Kale potato cakes
I peeled, cubed and boiled 2 russet potatoes. Then I mashed them with a bit of steamed kale as well as 1 egg, salt and a large spoon of flour. I shaped them in small patties and fried on both sides til golden. They were so good - I want 100 more.

Kale smoothie
This was a clean out the fridge smoothie: kale, pear, banana and fresh orange juice. They were all threatening to go overripe so we used them up and the result was delish!

Kale chips
Hopefully you've seen my recipe on here before. Sadly I was having a huge lemon craving and way over-lemoned them. Ollie was not happy (I was). 

Kale n eggs
I sautéed kale in our green pan before cracking in an egg for each of us. Best breakfast. 

Kale mini pizzas
I topped whole wheat pitas with pesto sauce, shredded jack cheese, olives, broccoli, bell pepper, sautéed onion and kale. It was super green which was exactly the idea. 

Kale and almond salad 
I saw this recipe - click here- and had to make it. The dressing is fabulous and this is the only way I like kale raw other than a smoothie. Picking almonds out of my mixed nuts bowl isn't the most fun job in the world however. 

How will you eat kale this week?

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