Routine - 2.5 year old & 2 month old

7:44 AM

I am nooooot a scheduler. You will know this from my text replies to hang out requests from friends:
- So, when can I come by?
- Whenever works for me.
- What about Oliver's nap?
- Whenever works for me.

That being said, we are settling into a nice routine and I love it. It actually started from something my friend learned in a baby book. (Disclaimer: most baby books drive me crazy-pants! I haven't even read this one for fear of rage, but she disseminated some of the lessons and the way she explained it seems do-able to me.) It's the "EASY" method.

E = eat ... the baby nurses or has a bottle
A = activity ... the baby has a diaper change, goo's and gaa's, maybe a bath, tummy time, anything that keeps them awake
S = sleep ... swaddle or rock, do what you need to do, to get a nap going
Y = you time ... mommy (or daddy) gets to empty the dishwasher, remove cracked nail polish, reheat a mug of coffee, etc.

Except there's one major problem with it.


I have never heard of this elusive "you" time but I am very interested in it. Is this referring to the 28 minutes I get to watch Brooklyn-9-9 when Oliver is swimming with Grandma and Dakota falls asleep in her bouncer chair? Oh, that? Yeah, I'd like more of that.

So, if I'm going to try a routine with my monkey troop, that's my first requirement... let's maximize my time to braid my hair and fold laundry.

There's also this: for a number of hours a day/night the "A" part of the baby's schedule gets dropped cause, well, who wants to have an awake baby at 11:30pm? She's awfully cute but I don't. So it just goes to EDS (eat, diaper, sleep) or even ES (eat, sleep, if no diaper change is needed), or heck just S! 

Here's how I adapted EASY to our lives:

So essentially, I've used the fact that Dakota goes right back to sleep after nursing, in the morning, to get Oliver ready and fed. Then we do our usual thing, playing and keeping mostly to the "EASY" routine, except that my "you-time" is "Oliver and me-time" which is great. After lunch I am TRYING to get Oliver down for an afternoon nap. Sometimes this is a total warzone battle, and once it even ended up in him drawing a rendition of Plato's Allegory of the Cave in the mediums "blueberry candle wax and wick soot" on his bedroom wall, but we try. If he can sleep in there for about 2 hours I can get Dakota down in her crib and that frees me to do what I need to do. Which can include dinner prep - hurray!
Then we play and all that, eat dinner, and get back to winding-down for sleep so he can be in bed by 8pm. (To be honest, this can sometimes stretch out to about 11:30pm, I'm serious, and it's because I birthed an actual live night-hawk.) Once he goes to sleep, Dakota is already in drop-the-activity-mode and just does nurse-sleep-nurse-sleep til the morning, save for a new diaper changes. So mommy and daddy can do whatever we please. (Praise the Lord.)

It's what works for us. What works for you?

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