Oliver's 2.5 Year Update

7:34 AM

Age: two years + six months

Clothes: size T3 -- whoa when did that happen? Just a few weeks ago he was fine in 2 then had a major growth spurt. He's like double the size of last month ha ha. Also none of his warm weather footwear fits so it's just boots til we get some new size ten stuff. 
Food: he sure asks for chocolate a lot! Fruit- kiwi, mango, anything but pear. Always salad. Meat. Yogurt. Cold herbal tea made by himself. I'm now comfortable letting him eat nuts like almonds without worrying that he will choke. 
Words: self (do it by myself), trouble, yes yes sure sure, oh forry (sorry) 
Things: anything that looks like a phone (calculator, handheld Yahtzee game), beaters (like for baking), cars, drums, crayons, boats
Activities: swimming, that's been the big thing lately. Also helping me make food. Golf/hockey using various makeshift sticks and balls, showing guests his toy room.  
Signature moves: staying awake later than me. 
Mom's proudest moment: the Mr Incredible Dance Party at Disney. 
Dad's proudest moment: meeting Mickey at Disney. 
Other milestones: he runs, like at adult speed. He jumps into the pool but doesn't want to be caught, like let him go underwater and then pull him up. He doesn't really wanna bathe with me anymore. He calls them planes instead of up-ups. 

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