Dakota's 5 Week Update

7:33 AM

Age: five weeks 

Clothes: she's wearing 0-3 month, has been for about ten days. Her wardrobe is entirely provided by Bethany and Tiffany, ha ha. Maybe a few gifted items ;) In Canada she's wearing all warm sleepers but in Florida: all t shirt onesies. 
Food: mamas milk. One hundred times a day. One splash of tonic water cause I choked while drinking and a drop went right in her mouth. Sorry love. 
Words: agoo?
Things: she likes her soother (finally), tropical print couches, music, me calling her kitty cat, being on her stomach, grabbing hair, having a dry diaper. 
Activities: crying while in a car seat, smiling, sleeping. 
Signature moves: fussing until you lay her stomach down on your chest, then being the happiest in the world. 
Mom's proudest moment: when she gained 19oz in 14 days. 
Dad's proudest moment: when she came to see his band play. 
Other milestones: she smiles and laughs when we talk to her, she holds her head and chest up during "tummy time", she can almost go six hours without a diaper change during the night (hallelujah). 

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