2 months & 32 months update

9:08 AM


Size -- almost 10 lbs, size 3 month clothes. She's slowing down in growth which is technically (and emotionally) juuuust fine. 

Food -- the breast is still best but her soother takes a close second. She nurses every 2-3 hrs during the day then at 8pm, 11pm and not til 5 or 6am. Thanks love!

Activities -- being held sitting up... Also rolling over although I'm trying to pretend this never happened. She likes being smiled at and playing the hop hop hop game with daddy. 

Favs -- smiling, especially with brother-bear. Being cute in general. And then quickly switching to being grumpy-cat as soon as I try to take a photo. Snapped this one though!

Least favs -- immunizations: she cried uncontrollably for a while. I was like, hold on, I thought nursing solves everything. I am so close to anti-vax but I choose to research each one individually and give some/ not give others. So I'm glad she won't get diphtheria but the afternoon sucked! (Look at this "go the heck to sleep now" face I'm giving) 


Size --  just right for a back carry in a Guatemalan sling by Aunty Angela apparently. One of these days I'll weigh him, just to know. 

Food -- Oliver is getting his last fill of cheesy meals as I transition to less dairy-filled meals since I'm trying to be dairy free myself and making two different versions of meals is sucking. Pictured below is vegan cheese sauce but he had the real deal made from havarti.   

Activities -- kidscape! The local tunnels-and-slides type indoor playground is our newfound love. He also loves "chopping" so I give him a plastic knife and something soft like a banana or avocado and let him go crazy. Yesterday I was like "where's the avocado I gave you to chop?" And he says "oh I eat it. Sorry mommy."  Love him. Did I mention scissors last month? Those too. (I've officially made him sound like a future assassin right?) The photo is Ollie at kidscape with his best friend Abigail, on the interactive floor, evidently not actually interacting with the floor at all. 

Favs -- an old classic: house chores. We created a sound barrier for Dakota using blanket. She totally didn't wake up. 

Least favs -- being quiet. (Thanks for the soother pictured below, uncle Dave, aunt Rose, Alex and Luke) I'm sure it was meant for Dakota since Ollie doesn't take a soother anymore (since age 1) but when I saw the volume knob I knew he had to give it a test drive. 

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