1 month & 31 months update

8:58 AM


Size -- 8 lbs 13 oz of pure princess/piglet. She is transitioning from newborn to size 0-3mo clothes but she also has some hand me downs which are size "10 lbs" and they are a dream. Here she in a tutu, photo by Bethany. 

Food -- just mama's milk for now but eating hands is becoming fun too. Here she is with daddy at cocoa beach during sunset. 

Activities -- sleeping of course. And note the shirt grab in this photo, it's her classic move. She does wake up to eat, and complain about her diaper, now and again. Sleeping about 4 hrs stretches at night sometimes more. Not often awake for more than half an hour. 

Favs -- playing with big brother Ollie tops the list. If she's in a good mood I put them beside each other to party. 

Least favs -- this is a tie between her car seat and her too-big hat. Hates both. We are hoping to change that in due time. 


Size -- 3T in clothing (just upgraded) and apparently 9 in shoes and boots. I don't know his weight because we don't own a scale. His jammies are just a liiiiitle bigger than Dakota's...

Food -- anything and everything. He enjoyed these eggs baked in an avocado. The only thing he's being weird about right now is dark green things, not including favs like broccoli. 

Activities -- Floridian sand. Hands down. Also, he found the splash pad at our resort there and wanted to basically live there eternally. 

Favs -- wearing his tiger costume as a standard daily outfit. And his big friend Jake. 

Least favs -- giving things back. I let him take photos with my digital camera (and let him play games on my phone/tablet) and the returning-it-to-mommy part is always rough. He says: "not now... Soon."

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