What Ollie Ate

11:02 AM

Recently I had a friend/fellow mom ask me what Oliver eats in a week. 

Well, here it is!

For breakfast we baked homemade oat orange muffins. For lunch I made pasta with farmers sausage and tons of veggies. To drink he had a coconut water and banana smoothie. We had a light dinner of homemade ham and onion quiche and cucumber salad. Throughout the day he snacked on plain popcorn that he made himself with my supervision, strawberries, and a mix of cheddar and cherry tomatoes from my friend Bethany. 

Breakfast was oatmeal + yogurt and a  fruit salad (pear blackberries orange kiwi). 
Lunch was squash soup, pickles and brown rice triscut crackers.
For dinner we had roast chicken with mashed potatoes and green salad by daddy. 
And for Snacks- fruit, popcorn and a blueberry granola bar. 

Breakfast was yogurt, berries and whole wheat penguin crackers. 
Lunch was chicken salad w avocado and apple, plus some cucumber. 
Dinner we had sausage and roasted Brussels sprouts. 
Snacks- pita chips and strawberries with dip (see Instagram) and 1 piece of chocolate. 

Breakfast: egg, tomato, avocado. 
Lunch: tuna salad, baby carrots, half banana, yogurt. 
Dinner: chicken mushroom zucchini pasta. 
Snacks: peanut butter cookie, rolled up turkey meat. 

Today I made him a homemade drinkable yogurt and put it in an Iogo container I had saved. As well some granola with dried blueberries and fresh banana. For lunch & dinner he is with my mother in law, so he will likely have some combo of fish, quinoa, fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, pickles... His usual. 

Hope that helps!

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