Baby number two... A different baby?!

5:17 PM

It has been four weeks since I became a mom of two. Many things have surprised me (I'm not just going to watch Netflix all mat-leave? Baby girls can't use pee as a weapon? I can go six days without washing my hair, comfortably?). One thing that has been a huge shocker is that - much like birth - this baby's story is much different than Oliver's. Funny how I assumed they'd be totally the same. 

They may look identical in same age photos (see below) but here are some ways number 2 is a far stretch from number 1:

Weight gain
Oliver struggled to get back to birth weight in the first month after a huge loss in the first days. 
Dakota was back by day 2 and has an appointment with our midwife tomorrow at which I fully expect to find out she weighs 25 lbs. 

Snuggle habits
Oliver would probably crawl inside of my skin were it possible. He cuddles the life out of anyone.
Dakota's actions all but say: hands off me when I'm sleeping you space invader!

Diaper changes
Oliver dirtied diapers round the clock for the first few days but quickly levelled out where I could change him late before I slept and be good til morning. 
Princess Kota wakes me up with a sassy cough every fe hours during the night to remind me she only lets perfectly dry diapers touch her skin. 

Spit up
Oliver spit up, I kid you not, less than ten times ever. 
Dakota is still awesome in this category but has upped it to a few a week. 

Car seat feelings
Ollie elected the car seat as his first best friend. 
Dakota works her lungs out each and everytime we go near it. 

What hasn't changed:
- both kids think daddy's arms are the very greatest place to sleep 
- both are so good at nursing they should teach classes
- both love baths, music, ceiling fans 
- both look like my dad to a strange degree
- both should sleep more (please)

Oliver, left, and Dakota, right, at 3 weeks old

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