This babe is almost fully cooked - update

1:31 PM

How far along: Almost 36 weeks. Which is almost full term. Which is almost... baby!

Gender: I have exactly zero prediction. I couldn't even go so far as to say 50.1% one way and 49.9% the other. 
Weight gain: I still have a bit to go if I want to gain the recommended 30 lbs.

Maternity clothes: A mix. I certainly can't wear non-maternity pants anymore unless they are pj's or tights. Shirts seem to be okay. Same undergarments, shoes, etc. as usual.

Stretch marks: Nothing new.

Belly button in or out: Peaking out.

Sleep: It's been better - but I have very high sleep standards. I actually value sleep a lot: we hosted a Christmas party at our house, starting at 7pm, and knowing I had to wake up at 5am I actually excused myself from the party, said my goodbyes and went to bed before 10pm. Good girl.

Best moment this week: Watching Ollie and his friend Abigail play in his new playroom. Eating the assortment of bacon-wrapped, bruschetta topped, cheesy, saucy and/or filled-tart things that ended up at our party. The Christmas production at my church. Getting a great performance review at work. Shopping with Calvin.
Worst moment this week: I have to say driving when the conditions are poor. I am only now realizing that I have a paralyzing fear of winter driving. This is after almost 10 years of being a driver, in Canada, who knew?
Miss anything: It was a real challenge to watch people have spiked eggnog and cold beer at our party. I also really want raw-fish sushi. I also really want to wear normal jeans. To get out of the bath tub successfully. To sleep on my stomach. The list goes on.

Movement: Oh yes. So much, yes.
Cravings: I keep asking Calvin to make perogies for dinner but it's kind of our "easy dinner trick" in the freezer, so if there's actually time/energy to make something wholesome, he does. I'm really hoping he's too tired to make dinner by the time I get home so it can be a perogi night, ha ha.
Queasy or sick: Not so much. Just fantastically uncomfortable!
Looking forward to: Christmas of course. My mom's Christmas Eve dinner, opening presents, other people opening what I've bought for them, stockings, Oliver enjoying everything, Christmas morning breakfast at Calvin's parents' house, more presents, seeing family, not working, seeing if Calvin is actually going to camp in front of Best Buy overnight for Boxing Day sales with my Dad (I'm starting to believe them), eating all the goodies friends from work gave me this season, watching the Food Network, going to bed at an unreasonable time because I don't work in the morning, Oliver in his Christmas pj's, Calvin in his Christmas pj's, getting that much closer to meeting Baby Harrison 2!

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