Response to Top 10 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

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Maybe you've seen my video called "What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman" (above). I guess I wasn't the first person to think of this. A quick search on Google or Youtube shows tons of similarly titled blog-posts and videos.

Who knew there were so many things you can't say!

Well recently on WholeMom they posted a list of "Top 10 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman". You know what the truth is? Non-pregnant people don't read these lists, so you must prepare for the fact that you will get asked these things. Seriously.

Here are my responses.

1. “Really? I had no problems at all!” That makes me feel a lot better. I was going to seek a chiropractor over these lower back issues, but knowing that you felt great the whole 40 weeks has been the ticket to my happiness.
2. “Wow! You’re huge!” I hadn't even thought to analyze your size, but if we're playing that game, I'd say you are ...
 3. “You shouldn’t be drinking/eating that.” Has someone poisoned it? Or are you under the impression that you get to choose what I intake?
 4. “I woman I know had a stillborn baby.” That must have been hard. I try not to think too much about that, so are you okay to move this conversation on down the road?
 5. “Why are you having a c-section?” ... Well, actually no one has asked me this. But I have been asked why I left the hospital so quickly after birth with my first. I said, my midwife gets free parking in my driveway.
6. “Get all the sleep you can now!” I appreciate your concern. I've actually been banking my hours coming up to this due date. I have like 30 hours stored, so I should be okay for a few nights at least. You can do that right?
7. “You might never get your body back.” I never gave it away?
8. “Pregnant?! How is that possible? You must be at least 45!” ... Again, not something anyone would likely say to me. I have been told I'm too young to be pregnant. I tell them I have a husband, a house, a respectable job, and a 2 year old!
9. “You’re only having one? You have to have two! It’s cruel to have just one.” Darn, these are going down the tube. I guess if someone said: why don't you want a ton of kids? I'd say I don't wanna buy a new car!
10. “Really? That’s the name you’re going with?” This question is the reason I don't tell people any name ideas before our baby is named.

The article on WholeMom closes by saying:

So, the next time you meet a pregnant woman, choose from the following:
2. “You look beautiful!”
3.”Would you like a cookie?”

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