My Travelling Medicine Cabinet

2:15 PM

A few things about me:
1. I love to travel.
2. I do not love to carry heavy luggage around the airport.
3. I do not love to pay for extra checked bags at the airport.
4. I pack light.

Now when I say pack light, I don't mean I only bring one pair of heels and I limit myself to a medium sized makeup bag. I mean my entire family of 3 can fit our things for a 10-day vacation into one suitcase and the carry-on only has snacks and books in it. This includes diapers for the vacation. So, bottom line: I bring almost nothing.

The fact is a bottle of Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap (for makeup removal, laundry/dishes if you're staying in a condo, bathing, etc.) and a good pair of jeans go a long way. I typically call up any other females travelling with me and ask if they have plans to bring: a blow dryer, an aluminum-free deodorant... you know, those share-able things. (Ha ha.) And if Calvin has toothpaste along, well then we're good to go!

There's one place I won't skimp though. I mean, I'd rather wear the same pair of socks all week than forget this little detail. And that is: my travelling medicine cabinet.

Ollie has a monster immune system, so we don't use these medications on him very often but for the few times we have, the majority have been while we're out of the country. A bad flu in California. Trouble sleeping in Chicago. I think he was teething Brazil. Oh the joy!

And if I crossed my fingers that whatever international pharmacy we're near would carry my homeopathic brand of choice, well, I might end up with empty hands & a crying toddler. So we just bring three things along where ever we are staying.

1. Homeocan Kids 0-9 CALM - This is the child equivalent of a nice glass of wine and a bubble bath. Oliver will literally go from turbo-wrecking ball to cuddly bed-ready-babe moments after drinking what he calls his "purple juice". It's great for those hysterical moments, for too-late nights when your child gets overtired and they can't sleep, or for long flights.
2. Homeocan Kids COUGH & COLD - I pack our tiny sampler bottle because it's never been opened and is that less likely to spill it's magical juices all over my clean clothes. It soothes a cough, and even a cold - aptly named.
3. Homeocan Kids FLU BUSTER - I owe this product my life. It brings down a fever and a grumpy pumpkin in no time. I use it before I even think about Tylenol for Kids. If Oliver is sick and I need to work, therefore sending him to Grandma's house I send him along with a bottle of Flu Buster to continue giving him doses to make both their lives easier.

To this day Oliver has come down with a handful of things, but for the most part he has spent his "under the weather" days more, what I would call "fighting the bug", than actually being down & out. He's never sick for long. And I thank these glorious products for that. They make my life as a mama easy and have NO CHEMICALS.

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