My New Years Resolutions for 2014

2:50 PM

Resolutions 2014

Until birth: Include red raspberry leaf tea, homeopathic EZ birth & EPO.
After birth: continue to include 3 meals, snacks & plenty of water daily even when busy.
Finish (or at least continue) reading I Know This Much is True. Set up a “memories” email address for the new baby, like Oliver’s.
Allow myself to transition from work and not need to fill the void with more work. Accept rest.
Sleep when needed. Practice stretching.
Find time to continue organizing toddler recipes online.
Be clear about how others can help when things are overwhelming. Say it plainly.
Make a meal plan and accompanying grocery list and try to stick to it.
Begin plans to participate in “secret TV project”, or, gracefully let the opportunity pass.
Make a realistic daily, weekly & monthly house-cleaning list.
Go for walks with the stroller a few times a week.
Start the garden.
Check which open online courses are available.
Re-download the Bible app and begin reading suggested passages daily.
Drink a green smoothie for breakfast a few times a week. Share with Calvin & Ollie.
Get a book from the library on a friend’s recommendation.
Download or YouTube search short meditations to set intentions for the day.
Attend a yoga class. Or, rent a yoga DVD from the library.
Begin making homemade baby food.
Re-evaluate the family budget.
Arrange child care for both children and take a “me” day. Bubble bath, a good book, cooking at a slow pace…
Faithfully purchase local produce for healthy eating & to begin making homemade baby food.
Create a plan for returning to work, while breast feeding and pumping. Connect with staff.
Write a “gratitude list” of the top things I’m thankful for this month. Re-read it often.
Attend a family swim.
Begin scheduling the transition back to work. Make an effort to re-learn the tasks.
Donate unneeded clothes to charity. Re-organize the closet.
Go dairy-free for one week. How did it affect me? The rest of the family?
Complete online quizzes from CSNM magazine for Continuing Education points.
Arrange a family photo shoot. Display a large print proudly in the home.
Do some canning of last season produce.
Speak at a conference. Record a Youtube. Teach someone.
Watch a feel good movie.
Attempt the “no shampoo method” (again).
Find a way to excel at work that I haven’t done before.
Re-evaluate sleeping patterns.
Find no sugar alternatives to typical holiday traditions.
Create a new “New Years Resolution” chart for 2015.
Buy a dozen fresh lemons and put the juice in my water.

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