A Peak Inside a Nutritionist's Fridge

3:38 AM

If you've read a lot of my blog-material, you'll know that I'm all about being real and honest. You aren't going to find a holier-than-thou nutritionist here. I say yes to offers of holiday chocolate, I buy non-organic food when I'm feeling cheap, and I let my son have store-bought crackers... oh the shame!

So here is a stripped-down, no editing look into the refrigerator of the Harrison family. (I completely forgot to take into account our freezer, which has various meats, ice cubes, a tub of aloe vera juice, an infant teething ring, a few inches of ginger root, 1/2 a pint of beet ice cream, a whole wheat pizza crust, and who knows what else!)

The top shelf in the door: Eggs (24 extra-large), active dry yeast, 3 hot pepper jellies and a spicy artisan mustard from Europe.

The middle shelf in the door: sesame oil, Braggs soy sauce, Sriracha, almost gone vinaigrette, Frank's red hot sauce, pickled banana peppers & liquid smoke.

My supplements: Floravit liquid iron.

Fruit: navel oranges (3), clementines (1,000), kiwis (3), apples (2), bananas (5)

Dairy: (whoops, upside down and too lazy to flip!) Table cream for guests to put in their coffee - which we don't actually use ourselves, Almond milk, eggnog

Other beverages: Tropicana no pulp orange juice, filtered water

Vegetables: 1 egg plant, a few carrots, a few tomatoes, tons of garlic, tons of onions, 1 large sweet potato, and a few red bell peppers

More dairy: 14% sour cream (I'm not sure why Calvin bought this - there must be some specific meal he's wanting it for), Ricotta (for lasagna), and 2 types of yogurt.

Even MORE dairy (phew!): old cheddar x2, extra old cheddar x1, mozzarella x1, vegetable cream cheese, and apparently a pack of turkey lunch meat that slipped into the cheese party

Green veggies: bell pepper, brussels sprouts, cucumber, green beans, broccoli, fresh spinach

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