No-Noise Smoothie Solution

10:32 AM

I've written in the past (or have I video blogged?) about my dilemma with making smoothies in the morning. I work early, early, early and I feel terrible cranking up a blender while the rest of my family is trying to sleep. So terrible, in fact, that if I only have whole bean coffee in the house I will brew it the night before to save the noise of grinding. (My brewer has a thermal carafe - no heating element - that keeps it fresh and hot for over 12 hours.) If I remember to have some ground coffee beans, then I go that route before I leave for work.

Well, this girl loves a fresh fruit smoothie. It's my second favourite breakfast, I think. My first is anything with eggs - also not a great "early morning, gotta get to work asap" option. So in conclusion: breakfast can be a little depressing for me unless I have the day off.

But today! I came up with a revolutionary solution. The no-noise smoothie.

The recipe is as follows:

2 standard-size jars of pureed fruit baby food (organic preferred, homemade if you're able)
1 cup almond milk
1 scoop any greens or protein powder you like

You simply throw it all in a mason jar - jam-sized works great - and shake it with the lid on. Then drink! The fruit is already pureed and it tastes great! No added sugar!

You may be wondering why the mom of a 2 year old, and an unborn-year old, has jars of baby food in her fridge. Plus I'm so pro-homemade, what's going on?! Well, it was actually for a baby shower game that I'd put together for a friend. I had a leftover jar of peaches, and pears. I had no clue what to do with it (I'd already thrown the jar of sweet potato into a soup...) so this morning I thought: you know what? Calvin, stay sleeping, I am making a baby food smoothie! I shook the peach and pear food with almond milk and was amazed! No noise.

One jar of baby food, even organic, typically goes for under $1 at any store. So this is a pretty cool recipe to have under my belt now.

Just thought I'd share my great excitement!

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