Frequently Asked Questions, to a Natural Preggo Mama

11:19 AM


Q1. Are you going to find out the sex of your baby this time?
A. Eventually, preferably before their first birthday even. We were luckily enough to discover that Oliver was a boy moments after he was born. But no: not using an ultrasound.

Q2. Haven’t you heard the flu shot was proven safe for pregnant women by x and y study?
A. Only by every person ever. Must have been the quickest study ever if they formulate a new flu shot every year based on the predicted strains, am I right?

Q3. Aren’t you scared to have no doctor attending your birth?
A. I had no doctor attending my brief teenaged interests in snowboarding, paintballing or uninformed veganism either, and I lived.

Q4. Are you just trying to be a hero by avoiding pain medication?
A. No. A super-hero.

Q5. Why aren’t you having a home birth?
A. To be honest, I likely am depending how fast my husband can drive. I am going to have a home-labour I suspect and then we’ll see what happens. My real reason is that the hospital has giant, warm tubs and I am too lazy to set one up in my living room.

Q6. Aren’t you worried your son will be teased for not being circumcised?
A. Only by the 29% of his male peers who are. The other 71% should be on his side.

Q7. Shouldn’t you stay in the hospital for a few days after your baby is born, just in case?
A. Just in case I want a viral infection? Just in case my bed at home is too comfortable?

Q8. What if your breast milk isn’t enough for your baby to gain weight at a normal rate?
A. I will swiftly decide to never again look at a normal growth chart, and then continue nursing continuously.

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