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I think I've done this feature at least once before. It's something a fellow blogger, Harvesting Kale, uses as a sort of template to post about what's going on with her family.

This weeks themes: 
looking, making, wondering, playing, wearing

Oliver and I are currently looking like castaways/ feral children raised by jungle animals, as neither of us have had hair cuts in a significantly long time. Calvin, on the other hand, is looking dapper as usual.

Oliver is currently making up his own pronunciations of words. Pumpkin is "gobble" by the way, how fitting. And fish has always been "may-may". You should also hear him try the catch phrase of Disney's Mater: If I'm lyin' I'm cryin'. I am currently making way too many tomato-based dishes considering over has a canker in his mouth - mean mom! Calvin is currently making plans for where we'll eat during our train trip to Chicago later this month. His main question being: who makes amazing deep-dish pizza with amazing gluten-free options?

I am currently wondering if I can plan an international vacation at the end of February if I'm due with a baby at the end of January. I know, we'll need travel insurance in case baby comes late or there are issues with getting our family settled, but if things go as last time and I'm up and at-em, ready for a trip, can I logistically get a Birth Certificate and Passport in time? Oliver is wondering why Grandpa had to take the hook out of the fish's mouth when we were at our cottage. In July. (He seriously just asked me this last night.) Calvin is wondering if I'm a big enough Leafs fan to watch the game without him tonight. (Yes, I am.)

Oliver is currently playing puppies every time he sees his (my!) friend Ashley. He also puts on his tiger costume with the big belly and plays pregnant mommy (walking around the house, rubbing his belly saying "oh baby, oh baby".) Calvin is currently playing his band's 2 new tracks that will be released once they are mastered at the end of the month - they are amazing. He's playing ball hockey too. I'm currently playing... barista? As I mix up my own yummy tea and coffee concoctions at home using fall spices? I don't know, that's a bad answer: maybe I suck at playing. Oh! I was playing the final episodes of The Office again, cause I missed it.

I am currently wearing the pants with the biggest belly area that I can find in my closet (and I'm only 6 months along). I have a pair of black H&M maternity pants that just aren't giving me enough room anymore, and a pair of black XSmall work pants from Target that my mom hemmed and made "skinnier in the leg" for me, that do have lots of belly room. So they're my go to now. All my other maternity clothes are summer. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Other than his tiger costumer, Oliver is wearing adorable onesie pj's and very stylish clothes that he gets as hand-me-downs from the ever generous Tiffany, and Penny. (Okay, okay, we buy him new things sometimes.) He's also wearing rain boots even when he doesn't need to, and attempting to try on his old baby slippers as I get them ready for baby #2's arrival. Calvin is wearing his usual.

Is it possible to be more handsome? Photo credit: Stephanie Collins

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