Unjunk Your Kid's Lunch Box: FREE eBook!

11:51 AM

Hey friends! It's almost halfway through October: does that scare anyone else? (Scare... Halloween... no pun intended.)

For the parents of school-aged kids out there you're probably already on the edge of lunch packing boredom/psychosis. My little ones are only 2 yrs old & 6 month in-utero, and I already feel the lunch packing blues just from myself and the occasional lending of help to my husband.

The fact is: healthy school lunches are really important. Just ask Jamie Oliver. No really: I don't even want to give you more information about his passion - you should look it up yourself. He's an inspiration.

If you have the time (and desire to save money) to pack your children's lunches instead of having them buy them - you rock! And their nutrition will be better for it! Packed lunches are a better choice... most of the time.

We all know if school lunches are filled with packaged foods, loaded with garbage chemicals, they aren't much healthier than meat-surprise and slop in a caf. So here's an amazing resource to make your lunch packing skills healthy & top notch.

The amazing people (Andrea Donsky and Lisa Tsakos) at Naturally Savvy who brought you Unjunk your Junk Food (read my review here) now have a FREE eBook all about packing healthy school lunches. It's called Label Lessons: How to Unjunk your Kid's Lunch Box. From what ingredients to avoid on labels to which bread you should buy for sandwiches - it has it all!

Best of all: everytime someone reads it, $1 will be donated to the Holistic Moms Network which generates awareness, education and support for holistic/green parenting! Sweet!

Not to mention the book is full of printable coupons for the very foods you're learning about in it. Love that - just need new ink in my printer.

I totally suggest going to this link today and reading the book/ getting the coupons/ supporting an amazing cause.

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