Holistic Chrisitianity?

5:07 AM

I thought about this post all day yesterday. Should I post it? How should I approach it? What am I even asking? and, How will people respond?

This will be a real departure from my usual posts about "easy pico de gallo" and "the benefits of baby sign language". Today, I want to talk about religion. (Are you offended yet?)

As a quick precursor, I'm hoping for opinions and replies so bring it on. I won't be censoring anything I receive short of deleting spam. I hope everyone will write with a sense of respect for others who might read it and remember that everyone online is actually a human with, probably, a soul.

My topic today is actually simple: there are 2 schools of thought that I connect with deeply but they sometimes conflict. Can a person be holistic in nature, believing in trusting your energies, releasing negativity, honouring the spirits of everyone you come in contact with, and still be ultimately grounded in the fact that God created the world and loves us and that His teachings override anything else I claim to know as true?

Disclaimer: if in any place in my life I find that my more Earth-mama, granola hippy beliefs don't mesh with what I know from prayer or the Bible, my biblical teachings win everytime. This post isn't to say: well, you can love your Creator however I disagree with Christian teachings about heaven (or whatever). The answer I'm more looking for is how much natural, crunchy Earth knowledge will fit within my already solid belief system.

Here's an example to better illustrate where I'm fuzzy: one popular holistic health practice is Reiki. It encourages bodily (and likely emotional) healing through the manipulation of energies. It can be done without even touching a person, in fact there are long distance Reiki practitioners that will heal from the other side of the world. I'm pretty sure I believe in this.

I believe that the moon can affect our behaviour and general attitude around the time it's full. For some people more than others.

I think you're as likely to get sick from food with bacteria as you are from food that was prepared by a hateful or bad-intentioned person. And on the flip side that a meal created with love and good intentions is infinitely healthier because of that fact.

Homeopathic medicine  even explains itself in a way that goes beyond science: is this okay?

I will leave my commentary there and urge you to weigh in with your wise words and two cents.

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  1. I am not an authority on these subjects; however, i do believe that the holistic world and Christianity are not as separate as one might think.
    Christians are in a constant battle b/w good and bad spirits and i believe that something like Reiki healing is a good spirit/energy healing that comes from God.
    In my own experiences attending births, i know that i would never want to attend a birth with fear, negativity or trepidation. Instead, to each birth, i show up full of faith, excitement and confidence knowing that we, as women, are perfectly designed and if left to progress as God intended we will grow and birth a perfectly sized babe. (barring medical complications)
    If you have seen a fear-ridden hospital birth lacking faith, it is a self fulfilling prophesy and generally more interventions lead to complications. However, a faith filled birth in home or hospital is the pure opposite! Full of thankfulness and praise, the way it was intended and more often than not, the birth is sans complication.

    This leads me to believe that we are energetically charged beings. Affected by the energy in others, and would do best to avoid negative energy in life as in birth!


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