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If you don't already know who Ina May Gaskin in, allow me to have the honour of introducing you to her.

Born in 1940 on a farm in Iowa, Ina May (and her husband) founded a commune in Tennessee called The Farm. Because they were attempting self-sufficiency and she had an amazing gift for it, she became a midwife to the expectant mothers there and eventually created The Farm Midwifery Center.

Through the 70's and until now, she has been helping women achieve the natural birth they desire for their babies, and has been speaking publicly, publishing books and travelling the world to spread the message of natural birth. She was featured in the films, The Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth.

She also founded The Gaskin Maneuver which allows a baby to be born safely when they were at risk of broken shoulders. She recently celebrated her much deserved induction into the National Women's Fall of Hame.

If you want to learn more about her amazing work, there is a new documentary out called Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives.

So why am I head over heels excited to talk about her right now? Well, besides the fact that I am entering my third trimester of pregnancy and she is my inspiration for natural birth, it's because... We are speaking at the same conference in a few short weeks! On November 9th, 2013 - I, Amy Harrison, will be presenting a lecture on Holistic Nutrition as the same conference, in the same convention centre, that the legendary Ina May Gaskin is also presenting at. (On a range of topics from .... )

You can hear more about the conference on their website, and in my YouTube video here:

So my main reason for writing this post today is to inspire you to read one of her books and let it change your life! A good friend lent me Spiritual Midwifery when I was only a few weeks pregnant the first time and it motivated me to get in the care of a midwife, start practicing my relaxation, and ultimately it led to an amazing outcome.

You can find all of them at your local library but I recommend making them a purchase!

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