Awesome Christmas Gifts for the "Green" Toddler

12:57 PM

We can't wait for the holidays this year. Let's be honest, 2 years old is when things just get cooking. I can just picture the smile on his face. 

Here's a list of some things you can get for the toddler in your life that also benefits the planet. I found everything on Zulily which is a "daily deals" site for parents - but you have to have a log-in username and password to see the deals.

A ride-along: Nothing could make Oliver happier than an afternoon at Chapter in their children's section. Although I love the idea of grabbing a Starbucks coffee and enjoying a book while he scoots around on one of their public ride-alongs, I do feel bad that we almost never purchase anything from Chapters. A ride-along is an awesome alternative to the new, high-tech Jeeps and powered cars that so many kids want. They are just unnecessary electronics that will eventually break. This is foot-powered and easy to bring anywhere!

Wooden toys: I have a tractor pictured here - because they are Oliver's current obsession - but any wooden toys are a sure-hit. They reduce the Earth's build up of plastic and look great too.
Art supplies: This kit by Glob is made from 100% post-consumer materials. It uses vegetable-based inks, and encourages harvest vegetables and fruits too!
Along the same lines, these paints are all natural, they are so very natural that they are food-grade, and they smell like what they're named! Yum!

Tea set: Is it just me or do kids love pretending to drink tea and coffee? This is absolutely not a girls-only gift, Oliver is always up for a tea party - although he calls his a hot-cocoa party.

Sorry if I'm excited WAY too early, but we all know that online shopping can be an awesome way to find a deal, and with that comes planning ahead for shipping times and what not. I'd suggest having a look and seeing if anything fits for someone on your list this year!

Shop for toys, books and more at zulily this Holiday Season!
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