25 Weeks Pregnancy Update - Survey-Style

4:54 AM

How far along? I am just over 25 weeks pregnant. That’s “six months” for those who don’t know pregnancy-speak. I like this handy chart.

Total weight gain/loss: I had gained14 lbs as of my last appointment with my midwife which was a few weeks ago. However, I just had 3 Thanksgiving meals in a row, and didn’t hold back, so it wouldn’t blow my mind if we’ve hit 20 or are soon to. I think I’ve been a lot lazier this pregnancy because I’ve been working longer/earlier hours. There have been significantly less bike rides and hour long walks, and significantly more TV show marathons. Here’s another handy chart.

Maternity clothes?: The frugal side of me is losing a battle in my mind about whether I need to go buy more. I own 2 parts of maternity pants and one is too tight because it’s size XS. I don’t own any maternity shirts. What I do own are like 12 pairs of maternity shorts – which are less than ideal for this next October to January run. Today I am wearing the pants that are too tight (ouch, why), a long black tank, a black sweater that isn’t long enough but the tank covers that up, and a grey knit sweater, not buttoned up. If you want to drop a Motherhood Maternity giftcard – or even Target – in my mailbox it would go to good use I promise.

Stretch marks? Sure, sure, but I’m not positive if they’re anything new or just old ones. I feel pretty fine about those cute little marks, it’s more the pizza dough belly after birth that bugs me. If this is my last baby I will maybe, a little-teeny-bit, possibly consider doing an ab-based yoga routine for a few months to tighten up. If I plan to have more babies, then let’s be honest I won’t.

Sleep: Sleep has been easy and great as it always is for me. I’m the type that can fall asleep at 11:15am on someone’s kitchen floor with a band practicing in the living room beside. What’s funny is how much sleep I’ve been needing: it seems like I’m requiring minimum 11 hours per night – which is impossible while working, being a mother, etc. But so many nights I’ll bring Oliver upstairs to bed a little after 8pm, I’ll lay down beside him and then 20 min later I’m yelling “Calvin, Oliver doesn’t seem to wanna fall asleep yet but I do so can you come hang out with him?” – it’s hilarious for only me. And those nights I fall asleep before 9pm, I’m still tired when that same party-animal-Oliver comes strolling to my bed at 6:45am going, “Mama, eat?”. Because as my child of course his first thought before the sun has even come up is: breakfast. If I tell him “it’s too early, go back to sleep” he will grab my iPhone off the charger, press the button to light up the screen and go “No, Mama, it’s 8”. Eight happens to be the only time he knows. Conveniently at night when it’s about his bedtime if I say “Oliver do you know what time it is?” he’ll say, “Hm, no Mama.” Smart guy. In conclusion: I sleep enough for the both of us.

Best moment this week: We had a lot of great family moments. We went apple picking, pumpkin scouting, playground playing at Birtch Farms in Woodstock. It’s about 1000x better than any other apple-picking place I’ve been to, not including Twin Pines farm which is a little too far for a spontaneous day trip but we make a point to go every year in November for their Holiday Open House which is the best! I also had a lot of fun on Wednesday because during band practice at my house I got to spend time with my good friends Megan and Jill. That was a treat, and I’ll see them again Sunday night for Friend-Thanksgiving – so excited! I always love Thursday evenings because we’ve had a chance to download the episodes we missed of Survivor & Duck Dynasty (our family’s only guilty pleasures – we watch SNL too but I don’t feel guilty at all.) Thursday night I ate dinner at 8:40pm which is unreal for me – typically if I don’t have food in my mouth by 5:50 I will start crying. Other highlights: on Saturday we ate at the Works downtown with family from out of town and my burger had pineapple, beets, fried egg and cheese. I was very pleased. And of course yesterday the double turkey meal bonanza. Delish.

Miss Anything? I miss being a coffee addict. Having a max of 2 cups per day is so weird for me. I miss wearing normal pants. I miss being awake at 10pm. I miss having our computer in the upstairs spare bedroom but since we devoted the nursery to the new baby and gave Oliver his own big boy room the computer got moved downstairs. Necessitating me to enter the man cave a few times a week. No thanks.

Movement: Yes! For a while I was feeling nervous about the amount of kicking – it seemed less than when I was pregnant the first time. Luckily at a midwife appointment I learned that this is because my placenta is anterior (or at the front) this time. I really hope this doesn’t put me at risk of back labour! I want another easy birth please!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Have you started to show yet:  Even the people who said “you’ve popped” weeks ago, are saying it again, like a second pop. I’ve pregnant-looking enough that people open doors for me, and are willing to ask when I’m due.

Gender prediction: This time has seen more girl guesses. I don’t have a guess either way. Sometimes my brain assumes boy because it’s what I have experience with. When I brainstorm names they’re always for boys. We’ll see!

Labor Signs:  Everytime I sneeze my whole stomach, or uterus I don’t know for sure, contracts. It’s a fun reminder that I’m going to need some relaxation and coping skills to keep in control of the discomfort to come. But no, I’m 25 weeks, no labour signs.

Belly Button in or out? Right in the middle. Flat basically.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the timeI think I’ve been happy! You’d have to ask sir husband. My patience might be less, like I said “Are we able to make cranberry sauce for the dinner?” and he’s like “I don’t see why not” and then like 3 hours later I’m like “Are you going to make up your mind? Like can we do that for sure? Like give me an answer!” and he’s like: I believe I said yes? Ha ha. But that’s the worst of it. The majority of the time, quite blissfully happy. How could I not be when I have a son who makes this alphabet joke: “Mama, A-P-C-D. HAHAHAH!” This was the funniest thing he could think of saying in his whole life and laughed like a hyena for minutes later, and looked at me like: how is this not the most brilliant thing you’ve ever heard? And I was thinking, it is.

Weekly WisdomNot pregnancy related but as soon as Thanksgiving lunch was finished my mom got an over-sized soup pot going and started throwing leftovers in. She had peeled and cubed extra potatoes from the ones she made for mashed potatoes, and threw those in, then some turkey meat, squash, corn, etc. She left it simmering for a few hours, and had a great dinner to serve any out-of-towners that wanted to stay late into the evening. Smart mama.

Looking forward to: What Calvin will make for dinner. (He’s gotta know if I’m working 12 hours and he gets a holiday that I should be coming home to a full meal, right?) Seeing Megan and Kelan on Thursday. Seeing Alla on Thursday, and hopefully Tiffany for some clothing swap too. And Friend-Thanksgiving on the weekend!

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