Summer 2013 Update

7:30 PM

There should be punishments for bloggers as careless as me.

I believe it's been since I was hired at the hospital that I even wrote an entry.

See, if there were consequences, maybe I would have made more of an effort. Like, if you go ten days without blogging, your Facebook news feed fills up with people from high school that you can barely remember. With emphasis on their selfies and photos from the bar last night. If you go fifteen days, it switches to only distant family members taking photos of their newborn's poopy diapers. If you go twenty days without blogging, your Pinterest will revert to solely weight loss tricks (gross) and tutorials for how to do complicated braids in your hair.

Or if you're like me, and have gone around 2 full months without spending a mere second on Blogger, you will be forced to re-install Vine and be unable to view Video updates on Instagram. Nooooo!

Well, here I am. And I'm sorry! My new role in which I supervise the Food and Nutrition department at St. Joseph's Healthcare has me busy as a bee. When I'm not doing that, I like to have conversations with my husband and son, and once that's over I see if there's time to eat and sleep. I attended a dear friend's wedding last night (and then woke up at 5am for a 12-hour shift? Yes, yes, I did that) and I am attending 2 more this coming weekend. One of which is my very bestest friend's, and I will be standing up with her.

Since I last wrote, our family:

  • Spent a glorious week at our cottage in the Muskokas. I swam, canoed, ate more jalapenos than my tongue would have liked. And I didn't eat ice cream! What! (I can explain... see below)
  • Celebrated 3.5 years married, and a decade as a couple -- My favourite thing about Calvin is: when I can't reach the buttons at the bank ATM he pushes my back so I can reach farther. 
  • Celebrated Oliver turning 2! We had an awesome birthday party in our backyard. Cal smoked pulled pork all day and we also had corn salad, watermelon salad and slaw. And a glorious birthday cake/cupcakes made by
  • Said goodbye to my sister Angela, as she travelled to Oslo, Berlin, Amsterdam and Reykjavik, then we said welcome back to her on the 3rd
  • Found out we are expecting a newborn addition to our family in January of next year!!! We found out pretty late in the game because I let my suspicions go 'untested' and we were quite shocked at our far along I am, but we are thrilled. This is why I didn't eat ice cream-- I seem to get this weird transient allergy-type thing when I'm pregnant, where I can't tolerate sugar... or onions. How weird is that? 

So that's what's new. The garden is going well -- mmm, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. The best. We are just working away, planning a short vacation in October to make up for the fact that we can't do much in August with how many shifts I'm working. And I'm already looking forward to pumpkin season! But I'll enjoy summer while it's here I guess.

Thanks for still loving me.

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