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8:23 AM

When my husband was dabbling in being a booking agent/event promoter I was able to see my share of "riders". It's a list that a band submits for the shows on their tour that states what they'd like in the dressing room. Most said something like: a 24 of water bottles, a 24 of our favourite beer, hot food (not pizza!) or a buy-out, chips, fresh fruit, etc. Pretty basic. Others said more ridiculous requests like the temperature of the room, newly purchased Sharpies for signing autographs, heck-- Britney Spears' rider says she needs McDonalds hamburgers with the bun removed. Beyonce's says fried chicken. I saw another for a Christian band that said "We are easy going about food just make sure the stage doesn't have too many lights because we'd rather the concert glorify God than make us look good."  Wow.  

So, if you could write your most rock star rider wish list what would it look like? It says a lot about you. Not a fake list to make you look healthier than you really are, but an honest listing of what you'd want if you were a touring musician. 

After lots of thought, here's mine:

- water or access to a tap with drinking water to fill my traveller
- 1 Bolthouse Farms juice or smoothie (vanilla soy chai, green goodness, berry, pure carrot, pineapple-coconut or other) or the like -- a freshly juiced version is welcome!
- a hot French Press of Fire Roasted Coffee medium- or dark-roast (any),
freshly ground before brewing
- a hot, homemade meal from whole foods (favourite ingredients include: kale, avocado, quinoa, tamari, tempeh, garlic, ginger) -- nice and salted please, nothing low fat please
- raw veggies with hummus or baba ganoush 
- raw fruit with an unsweetened nut or seed butter
- a cold salad: chopped, taco, pasta, potato, egg, tuna, coleslaw, etc. 
- a chocolatey dessert that pays no mind to calorie count but uses no processed or artificial sugar 

Now tell me yours below!

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