Dinner for 3 ... or, Three Different Dinners

1:28 PM

I am lucky to have a husband and son who are not picky -- so this post won't be full of complaints.

Most of the time, I make one dinner and we all eat it. Sometimes I'll have a with-dinner coffee, while Ollie always has water, and Cal might have some strange soda that he's found (seriously -- he finds really weird soda), but really it's rare that we eat different food for dinner.

However, tonight was the "we all eat the same meal" apocalypse. I knew we would eat basa fish tacos, however:

- I only had 2 tortilla wraps left (Calvin needs 2 to himself, minimum)
- The bulk of the tacos was going to be lettuce which Oliver has a rough time chewing well
- I wanted hot peppers! Lots - sorry Oliver!
- There was like 1/2 cup corn-rice mix leftover and it would look pretty pathetic split 3 ways

So I did this... (And once I get around to uploading photos from my camera I can include a shot I took)

2 large fish tacos: cooked fillet + cheese + salsa + lettuce + tomato + hot peppers + sauteed pepper & onion

1 fillet with cheese and salsa + a side of sauteed pepper & onion & hot peppers (this is better anyway because I can have extra veggies, I mean, who wants to only eat what peppers you can fit into a tortilla)

Rice and corn mix + some fish + some cheese + some tomato (his favourite food)

Everyone wins!

See I told you I wouldn't complain. ... But I do wish we had avocado.

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