All-Natural Twig Toothbrush

11:28 AM

I have blogged in the past about an eco-friendly toothbrush.

But this next development is on a whole new level.

I got to thinking about how we brush our teeth. Clearly, thousands of years ago they didn't have little plastic sticks with fancy bristles that cleaned their teeth, so how did they do it? 

If you read my blog much you'll know I am obsessed with doing things the way they used to be done in times long ago.

Well, what people did was use teeth-cleaning twigs. This simple device is the root of any number of plans (potentially tea tree, neem, cinnamon or sassafras, but the most common is from the Araak tree in the Middle East), with the end chewed up a bit to make a bristle-like effect. 

It is an incredible money-saver and planet-saver and guess what - it works better than a toothbrush - all you have to do is gently chew on it.

The studies show: it is more effective than conventional brushing at reducing plaque and gingivitis provided it is used with proper instructions. (Oral Health and Preventative Dentistry, 2003.) It is now considered the best tool to promote good oral hygiene. It prevents the formation of cavities and plaque and makes teeth whiter and enamel stronger. If used regularly it can even remove stains from smoking, tea, coffee and red wine.

It also:

  • doesn't require toothpaste
  • fights bacteria naturally
  • freshens breath naturally
  • costs almost nothing
  • is environmentally-friendly (no packaging, no plastic, biodegradable)
  • requires almost no upkeep (moisten if dry, replace every few weeks)
  • is part of a self-sufficient lifestyle
Well, recently I got my own all-natural twig toothbrush from and here is a list of why you should buy one, taken straight from their website:

1.) Only $1.95 per brush and only $0.95 shipping. Get FREE Shipping if you order 7+ brushes!
2.) Scientific study proves that its better than a conventional toothbrush.
3.) A natural, easy way to help smokers quit smoking.
4.) Great for travel, outdoors, and camping - no toothpaste required.
5.) Contains nutrients and minerals that are essential to good oral hygiene.
 -- These are: fluorine, silicon, vitamin C, sulphur, salvadorine, trimethylamine, potassium, sodium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate, calcium oxide.
6.) A natural way to whiten stains, remove stains, prevent plaque, and cavities.
7.) 100% natural, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and biodegradable.

In Middle Eastern culture the twig toothbrush is called Miswak and has thousands of years of proven effectiveness.  Check out these awesome testimonials from major magazines and professionals:

You will love using the twig toothbrush. The little "brushes" massage your teeth and gums and to use more just peel back another layer and start again. 

Here's mine:

I seriously suggest you order one today! If you do, let them know My Idea of Happiness sent you. If I get enough interest I'll consider doing a bulk order for you guys!

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