A Personalized Meal Plan for YOU!

12:58 PM

Have you seen my Business website?


It's a work in progress. With working, Olivering & making delicious food for Calvin once a day I don't exactly have an abundance of web site nurturing time, but I thought it'd be good to have something up for the people who are looking for my bio, upcoming events & services.

So one of the things that I'm really focusing on right now is my Personal Meal Plan service. My promise is that I will take into account your needs, your likes, your schedule, your budget, and so much more to make a balanced meal plan that works for you and brings you to better health.

I can do an individual plan for 1 person cooking for and eating by themselves, or a family plan, or a corporate plan if you run a church day camp, weekend business conference, etc.

For a standard 4-week plan, with snacks, it is $60. The plan comes with full grocery lists, attached recipes, and can come in print or e-form. Nothing about it is pre-fabricated.. the plan is entirely for you. It's an awesome deal!

If that is something that interests you please contact me through info@amyjoyharrison.com or comment below.

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