Make Your Mom a Book!

1:15 PM

Mother's Day is right around the corner.

My sisters and I (with the help of Calvin and Dad) have had lots of fun ideas in the past for what to do for Mom. One of my favourites was our Momma-Brunch: we set up a full spread of breakfast foods in the backyard and enjoyed it in the fresh air and sun. There was coffee. There was fruit. That's all I need to say!

This year I can give you an awesome deal. It seems like this blog gets me some great opportunities sometimes. I get free products to sample, access to cool events, and the first look at new books. I love it. So here's one that YOU can enjoy.

I can offer you 20% off if you want to design a photo book for your mom for Mother's Day. (But order soon so it'll come on time!)

Blurb is so easy to use. You choose a size, a type of book, and what photos you want to include. From there you can go the easy route and have them do the design for you, or be totally creative and make it your own. The end product is amazing. You have options for hardcover or softcover, the type of paper, etc. Your mom will love it.

It will take you less than an hour to make and the cost starts at $12.99. (That's less than the cost of flowers...)

If you want to use the discount, create your book and at the checkout use the promocode LOVEYOUMOM - it will work until May 10th.

So click here and make a book today!

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