It's ooooooover! Rockin' Wellness, Day 45

5:30 AM

Whaddya know: 45 days ago (give or take four days I laid dying in bed) I began a challenge to drink 2 scoops of Rockin' Wellness chocolate shake every day!

The benefits have been many and I'm excited to share them with you. My intention was to reflect on the "stats" I'd given at the beginning of the challenge (height, weight, skin health, energy) but most of them, I've realized, don't really show what Rockin' Wellness has done for me. So it will work better to just bust out a bulleted list of the benefits I've seen.

I'm going to post a much more extensive review in the coming days along with a video (spoiler alert!) but here are my top 3:

+ Evening energy - something I've been steadfastly searching for since Oliver was born - it's a miracle!

+ Increased iron status - I can't qualify this with actual lab values but as a girl who has struggled with iron status through teenagehood, through vegetarianism, through liquid diets, trying to donate blood, and pregnancy, I know a thing or two about what good iron status feels like - it's amazing!

+ New interested friends - I've shared a sip here and there with probably ten to twelve people and they're all instant fans!

Check back soon for my full review.

Link for purchase:

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