The Green Moms' Medicine Cabinet

12:15 PM

The Natural Mama does not have the conventional fever reducers, Polysporin, and antibiotics to go to when problems arise. I've compiled this list of things that I keep on hand to show you that there are tons of all-natural alternatives to keep your family healthy!

The first thing I always keep with me is Alcohol-free Sanitizer by Cleanwell. This is perfect to spray or wipe on cuts and scraps so that they don't get infected. Also a great way to prevent illness is the first place is to use these products before eating when you're out of the house. It's a quick alternative to hand washing and we all know that's a great method to ward off colds and flues. I have a pump at home by Oliver's change table, a spray bottle in my purse, and individually-wrapped wipes in various places around the house and car. They use oil of oregano & thyme to kill germs naturally with no toxic chemicals, no alcohol, no chlorine, and is gentle on skin. They don't test on animals - love it. (If you're looking for an excellent alternative to traditional alcohol sanitizer in your child's school, in a hospital setting, a day care, a church, whatever, CleanWell offers Business systems too.)

My next Medicine Cabinet secret is Tea Tree Oil (by Now). It's main function is antimicrobial, specifically against fungus. Many foot related issues are easily treated by tea tree oil. It's also great as a lice treatment. I keep a 4oz bottle inside my bandaid container and I dab a drop onto every bandaid that I use to prevent whatever wound I'm bandaging from getting infected.

The St. Francis Herb Farm is an incredible family-run operation in Ontario that has gotten very popular. They make a product called Ear Oil that treats ear infections and I keep a bottle around just in case. I would recommend anything they produce - everything is freshly-used, organically-grown and wild-crafted. They also make a killer coconut oil-butter ghee combo AND an amazing goat milk mineral powder.

I also keep pretty much most of the Homeocan 0-9 Kids homepathic line. At all times their Fever/Pain Reducer, their Cold/Cough formula, their Flu remedy, and the Teething one.

Lastly, I have one of those funny snot suckers on hand (which got more use when Oliver was an infant) and a kid-friendly Netti Pot which he probably doesn't love. We use a room-humidifier if needed as well.

What do you use?

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