My biggest FAIL video to date (How to Back-carry a Toddler in a Moby Wrap)

10:22 AM

Alright y'all, we're comfortable with each other now, right? I mean, I've been posting on here for who knows how long... (since the summer of 2010 says my Blogger dashboard) so we must be old friends by now.

Okay then, I can feel alright with posting what I can confidently say is one of my worst Youtube videos ever.

I'm no vlogger-pro. Not yet. Hey - should I be? Would you readers like to see some videos from my ol' Amy-and-her-ideas-of-happiness? And, why am I asking so many questions when I've clearly stated before that I don't get very many comments on here considering the number of readers...

As you can see by my flighty conversation and lack of focus, I've had too much coffee before typing this! Yay! The java faeries have prevailed. Okay, back to the video.

So, I have uploaded some pretty questionable stuff to Youtube... Old performances from Coffeehouses (not the best singer & willing to admit it), clips of Oliver literally smoking himself in the face with his soother at barely a few months old (sorry lil' chap) and even a scandalous montage of my Girls Bible Study group doing runs on my "worlds longest slip n slide" in my parents backyard which I ended up DELETING because it was not being used for the greater good if you know what I mean. It had like 200,000 views, so... at least 1 was a pedophile which is enough for me to do the deletion.

The reminds me, my little sister posted a video that she called Sisters in a Lake which was really her and my other sister swimming at our cottage, and it hit like some crazy number of views. And it's just them... in a lake... so...

All that being said, this latest one is just the worst. Because I'm trying to demonstrate a cool way to tie a moby wrap for toddlers, like a back-carry, and I do it using a stuffed grizzly bear.

And well, the bear is so floppy and soft that the tie turns out horrible. I did it right, but, the bear did not cooperate, and I have to end the video/ pretend I did it right/ spin really quickly to hope you don't notice that the bear is about to fall or be strangled.

If you follow my instructions and do it correctly, it's actually really awesome. But, I have serious doubts that anyone will be interested in copying me.

So without further ado, here is the link to me demonstrating the toddler back tie of a moby wrap, using a stuffed bear, and failing hard but pretending not to.

I hope you still love me because I still love you! And would be willing to make millions more videos for you guys if you so requested.

Now comment - dang it!

The video:

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